National Breeders Conference 2010

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 21st, 2010 in General

Kent Mayfield of Second  Wind Arabians invited me to speak at the Pyramid’s Society National Breeders Conference, 2010, in Atlanta Gerogia. The National Breeders Conference is an annual event organized by the Pyramid Society’s Education Committee, which Kent chairs, to educate its members about the Arabian horses of Egyptian bloodlines. This year’s theme is “Back to the Future: Models for Egyptian Arabian Breeding”. Other invited speakers are Joe Ferriss, Judith Forbis, Hans Nagel, Anita Enander, Scott Benjamin and Cindy McCall. I bet it’ll be extremely interesting.

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  1. Do you have any idea what you bare going to speak about? or will it be a secret?

  2. i don’t have the slightest idea yet… i need to talk to joe ferriss about it. he is in the same panel. i confess having trouble to look at egyptian horses as egpytian. to me they are just arabians..

  3. Ok Edouard, now you enter the BIG panel experts, enjoy your conference !

  4. Maybe that’s what you should talk about, then. The greater context. I find a fair number of “Egyptian” breeders are still unaware of this — that Egypt is not the wellspring of the Arabian horse.

  5. The Wellspring of the Arabian Horse. Maybe that could be a topic of interest. You could then have a slide show and a talk about the syrian arabian and all the beautiful asil arabians that are still in there native enviroment. IF you talk about there horses no matter what you say, someone will be offended. Talk about your true passion.

  6. Well, Jenny, I don’t know if it still matter to state that the Egyptian Arabian horses are originally not from Egypt, but rather from the Arabian desert cradle, because I see this group of horses having now moved so far away from what the desert arabian horse originally looked like, that they are about to create their own breed within the breed…

  7. I know that Edouard and I have been extremely busy lately and we have not had a chance to discuss the September National Breeders Conference in Atlanta, GA. So let me give you all some generalities at this point.

    Edouard and I have been invited to be the opening speakers at this breeders conference. Our role is to appropriately present the historic and cultural context of the Arabian horse as it revealed itself into Egypt. We will be presenting together — sort of like brothers telling the stories of long past to a family that needs to reconnect with its heritage.

    Edouard will be focused on the horse of the Bedouin tribes in all its aspects and qualities especially before it went to Egypt. I will be showing the general connection of how Egypt began building its foundation on horses from Bedouin sources through the various people of the past who acquired and bred these horses in Egypt.

    Our approach will address Jenny’s comments so that newcomers will appreciate that Egypt is not where this horse originated but, like other countries, was a participant in its continuance.

    Knowing the perspective of Edouard and myself and how well we work together this promises to be a good opening to the conference.

    Perhaps this is one of the most important segments of the conference because it will provide the enlightenment to newcomers what this breed was originally about and help to better understand the traditional Arabian horse.

    The fact that in many places the Arabian horse of today is so far removed from the traditional Arabian horse of the desert is a global problem not solely an Egyptian one. So I can think of no better place to start this discussion than at this conference.

    I would highly recommend that people attend.

  8. Sounds great! I wish I could go…

  9. Kent has provided useful guidance in the form of a memo and, to use World Bank parlance, ‘terms of reference’ that will frame the talk. I haven’t had the time to look at these, so I appreciate the clarifications Joe is bringing here.

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