New son of Syrian stallion Mahboob Halab in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 13th, 2013 in General

Fayrouz Beni Sakr (Mahboob Halab x Safiyah Beni Sakr by Hortal El Din) is a young and promising son of the Syrian stallion Mahboob Halab, now in France. Bred and owned by Fabienne Vesco.





7 Responses to “New son of Syrian stallion Mahboob Halab in France”

  1. exciting news. The father being a grandson of the great Al Aawar, and the mother with multiple crosses to the Tahawi bred stallion Nasr, makes for a promising future for this filly!

  2. It’s a boy! We want his future as stallion but unfortunately we can’t keep him at home. Safiyah will return to Mahboob next year, we want a filly of this crossing.

  3. sorry, i corrected it

  4. I wish he could come to the US… Maybe I should start playing the lottery!

  5. Bonne chance pour celui-ci future etalon.He has a very good pedigree.

  6. Lovely mare and foal, the pair in the background look pretty good too.

  7. The pair in the background
    Rayda beni Sakr
    and her son Al Cham beni Sakr

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