New discovery in the hujjah of the Davenport stallion *Azra

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 29th, 2014 in General

In the same vein as the new information pertaining to the hujjah of the mare *Jedah, I thought I’d try my luck and look up the Bedouin owner of the Davenport import *Azra in the same table of Fad’aan clan. And it worked.

*Azra is a Saqlawi Ubayri from the marbat of Muharib al-Kharraz of the Makathirah section of the Fad’aan (a section similar in level to the ‘Aqaqirah). A search for the Makathirah section yielded the following:

“The fourth section of the Khrisah [a large sub-tribe of the Fad’aan] is al-Makathirah, and their elder/leader is al-Mad-hun […] and their way cry is “the horse rider of al-Balha is a Kathiri” [Kathiri is singular, Makathirah is plural of the same]; and their ancestor is Sulayman also known as the Elderly (al-‘Awd) and they are the most numerous of the Khrisah sections; and Sheykh Saleh al-Mad-hun indicated that Sulayman has six offspring, and they are (i) Qutn; (ii) […] and from Qutn come Saqr and Muhammad, and from Saqr come Rabih and […]; and from Rabih come Shafe’ and Nafe’ and Falah al-Muqafe’ and they are known as al-Kharareez [plural of al-Kharraz], and the meaning of al-Kharz is the stabbing with a mikhraz, which is an old type of pointy weapon […]. [On the other hand] “The author [no mention of which author] divides the Makathirah into four groups, and the first among these is al-Qutn and […]; and the first sub-group of al-Qutn is al-Saqr, and from al-Saqr come al-Kharareez. “

Sadly, no luck in zeroing in on an individual Bedouin named Muharib from these Kharareez clans here as we did with *Jedah’s owner. He seems to have died young and/or without progeny. That said, we now know the origin of the name al-Kharraz, which means “the stabber with a mikhraz”.

2 Responses to “New discovery in the hujjah of the Davenport stallion *Azra”

  1. You are doing noble work, sir! Your *Azra line filly sends greetings. And I wish other people would use the links at the bottom of this column so that we can get back those wonderful conversations we used to have!

  2. Note that Carl Raswan in his Raswan Index Entry #1061 for *Azra shows his as sired by a Kuhaylan Kurush of “Muharib Ibn Hazza Al-Bughayz of the Muqathra” section of the Fid’an tribe out of a Saqlawiyah Ubayriyah of “Ibn Bughayz of the Muqathra and bred by Mesoud El Qayshish of the Muqathra.”

    This is not what the hujjah says, and the hujjah is the primary reference document.

    According to the Fad’aan clan chart, there is indeed a Bughayq (not Bughayz as per Raswan) section of the Maqathirah Fad’aan, and there leader is indeed an Ibn Hazza’, but they have nothing to do with *Azra nor with his breeder Muharib al-Kharraz.

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