New Facebook Site: al-Khuyul al-‘Arabiyah al-Asilah

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 13th, 2010 in Arabia, Syria

Syrian breeder and Arabian horse expert Mustafa al-Jabri is closely associated with this Facebook page, “al-Khuyul al-Arabiyah al-Asilah (Authentic Arabian Horses), which has more than 3,000 fans.

The page has very useful information on Arabian horses, including scores of ancient poetry, old sayings, and accounts of the deeds of old Arabian horses and horsemen. Unfortunately, it is in the Arabic language only, but I am currently involved in getting some of the material translated to English for the benefit of a braoder audience, mainly some of the many stories on Arabian horse strains which Mustafa has collected over the years, and which have never been published before.

Below is a photo of a mare from Mustafa’s stud, which graces the Facebook page, along with many others. It’s actually pretty easy to identify the pictures featuring Mustafa’s horses: basically every picture in which horses look natural and real, as opposed to the highly staged, romanticized pictures of Arabians with full makeup looking like they just came out of air conditioned stalls for a 10 minute photo shoot in the sands..

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  1. And he has a portrait photo of the great Secretariat included with the Arabians on his wall photos! I like his page without being able to read it! 🙂

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