New foal crop at Jadaan Arabians in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 23rd, 2010 in Syria

It is that time of the year, and asil foals are starting to crop up everywhere. I just received these two photos of newborns at Basil Jadaan’s stud in Damascus, Syria (thanks Basil and Joe). They are representative of the latest generation of Syrian asils: pretty, expressive, and true to type. 

Their grandparents and great-grandparents were desert-bred and were acquired by Basil at a time when less than a handful of breeders cared enough to save these horses from extinction through registration, marketing and intelligent breeding. The story of the registration of the Syrian desert-breds is a fascinating odyssey that deserves to be told, and I trust it will be. I was a little more than twelive years old when I first saw these desert-breds at Basil’s in 1990. Twenty years have passed since, and their offspring keep getting better and better.  Note the large, expressive eyes, and the black skins around the eye, and the delicate muzzle.

The first one is Sohaila, by Shadeed out of Manolia, and the second is Ahwaz by Shadeed out of Ameerat al-Fadi. I don’t know the strains.

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  1. Dear Edouard ,

    Thank You for showing the Photos ,Sohaila is a Shwaimet Sabbah , She is out of Manolia whom is out of Al Qahira whom is out of Abeera .
    Ahwas is an Obayeh Sehailiah and out of Ameeret Al Fadi whom is out of Mansora whom is out of Masah whom is out of Odaila .
    Their sire Shadeed who is a Saglawi Jedrani Ibn Amoud and is out of Yaqoot whom is out of Karaweh whom is out of Marwa .
    Now I think it’s clear for You as You know the original horses.



  2. Basil,

    Masha’allah.. already four generations of Jadaan breeding. Abeera, Odaila and Marwa were some of the original mares. I have pictures which I took twenty years ago, which I will show here. If you have more pictures of young ones, please send me.

  3. Basil,

    These are beautiful foals, and Charles and I are in love with them, and send greetings to you!

  4. Dear Jeanne ,

    Greetings from Damascus to You and to Charles ,and thanks for Your lovely comment.

  5. Edouard,

    I’l send some new Photos of the fillies and dams and sire after returning from Saudi Arabia next week Insha’ Allah .

  6. Absolutely stunning foals! I very much look forward to more pictures.

  7. How wonderful to see these beautiful foals. I remember visiting Basil Jadaan in 1996 and seeing his lovely Shuweymah Sabbah mares which I liked very much. The young black mare I saw back then must have been Al Qahira. She was lovely and I ran a picture of her in my Khamsat article in 1997 but I did not catch her name at that time.

    Basil, was not Al Qahira the black mare out of the old black mare of the Tai tribe that I photographed grazing in their barley straw? I really liked this line. Basil also had a two or three year old chestnut Shuweymah Sabbah mare named Fawzah when I visited.

    I also got a picture of the Abayah Sehailia mare Odaila [Adeelah] who was very old by then. She would be the great great grand daughter of Ahwas. I think Odaila [Adeelah] was also in my Khamsat article. (Vol. 14, No 1.) Basil, I must be getting old to have seen the great great grandmothers!

  8. As Salâmu 3alaykum

    I finally read the great breeders Basil.
    I have heard a lot about you.
    I would learn more about the strains of the Syrian Arab,
    and of course once visit your stud.


  9. Basil, they are lovely!

  10. I am eagerly waiting the photos of all the family!

  11. Jenny Krieg,
    Thanks , I posted some new Photos.

    Joe ferriss,
    Greetings from Damascus, Yes my friend You are right , It was Al Qahira,and Fawzah was sold to Kwait shortly after Your visit,Odaila was there too and there photos were published in the Al Khamsa article You mentioned ,Unfortunately We are all getting old my friend,.

    Teymur B ,
    Wa Alaikom Al Salam wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh,Thanks for Your comments,
    You are most welcome to my stud at any time and I’ll be very happy to talk about Syrian horses strains and breeding,
    Greetings to You.

    Thanks,Greetings .

    Greetings,I have Posted some Photos of the Family and new Photo of the fillies,I hope You like them,

  12. Mashalla amzing foal

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