New “Follow Daughter of the Wind” feature

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 14th, 2010 in General

I have added a new feature that makes it easier to sign in and follow this blog. Check it out on the right hand column, and sign in!

This post will stay up here for some time. Check for new entries just below it.

6 Responses to “New “Follow Daughter of the Wind” feature”

  1. horses are shedding

  2. looks like Ambar is, too… XD

  3. Speaking of finding stuff..Do you recall the video you had on this link of the guys riding in a Bani Yam tribal festival? Is it still possible to access it here?
    many thanks
    Bruce Peek

  4. Cool stuff but we’re still waiting on that Denouste article 🙂

  5. ok..ok… do you have a vested interest (ie do you breed some Denouste horses)?

  6. Not yet but I could probably be tempted by a pretty chestnut mare of franco-magreb breeding

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