New Guest Blogger: Dr. Matthias Oster, from Germany

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 20th, 2010 in Egypt

I am proud to introduce Dr. Matthias Oster as an occasional contributor to this blog.  Matthias is breeder and student of “Straight Egyptians in Germany” and a veterinarian. His wife is a daughter of the late Gunter W. Seidlitz (the breeder of Messaoud by Madkour and Maymoonah), and they now own the stallion Safeen (Ibn Safinaz x Abitibi Madeenah). His website, Arabian Heritage Source, is a resource for those breeders who like to think of Egyptian Arabians as part of the broader heritage of the asil horse of the Bedouins.   

Below is Masr El Dahman (Madkour x Maymoonah), bred by Matthias’ family.

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  1. Wonderful photo at a great angle!

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