New pictures of Barakah

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 31st, 2008 in Bahrain, Bahrain, Egypt, South Africa

I bet some of you think this is overkill, but here are two more pictures of that lovely Kuhaylat al-Mimrah mare that went from Egypt to South Africa. The first one also features a headshot of the Bahraini stallion Tuwaisaan. 

With kind permision Pauline Du Plessis, Saruk Stud, RSA

2 Responses to “New pictures of Barakah”

  1. look at the difference between her nostrils and the one of the bay stallion
    hers are the nostrils of a true “drinker of the wind”

  2. No this is not an over kill to publish these photos it is wonderfull to see these old photos as our stud still breed these bloodlines and one of our dam lines through Nabilah bint Saklabilah (Anchor Hill Omar x Nabilah Saklabilah) still resembles this look. I published a photo of Nabilah Fantasia a while ago who strongly resembles Baraka and this is four generations later!

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