New Preservation Projects

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 8th, 2012 in General

A number of rare mares of old American lines have recently been brought to the attention of the Al Khamsa Preservation Task  Force which I part of; the mares’ owners are either looking for people willing to take on preservation projects, or simply asking the task force about the right stallions for their mares;

One of these mares is the 1985 “Sharp” (No Blunt blood, almost every single Arabian horse in the world now has Blunt blood) mare Hamida Ivey (Karimkhan x Mistara by Mista-Bin), a Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah with a tail female to H.H. Prince Mohamed Ali’s Hamida (Nasr x Mahroussa), who is the dominant element in her pedigree. She is owned by Chris Mellen in Utah.

Another is a 1989 unregistered mare by Kamil Ibn Sahanad out of Sha Ghazya (Fa Charlamar x Ameera Moda by Fa-Turf), an extremely rare tail female Hamdaniyah Simriyah that is tail female to *Samirah, who has not had a foal before. I sure would like to see this old lady registered and back into production.

Yet another mare is the 1998 Jadah Kerasun (ASF Raphael x ASF Ubeidiyah by ASF Ezra), another a tail female *Samirah with very old bloodlines. After an attempt of the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse to place her in a temporary home, she went blind and is now being taken care of by Dr. Laura Knipfer in Wisconsin.

There are other Davenport mares of the rare Hadban strain tracing to *Hadba who have recently surfaced in Texas and looking for the right owner; they are not registered but registration does seem to be possible, and the task force is trying to learn more about their situation.

It is encouraging to see that people are not giving up hope on these horses; they are precious; their time will come, and in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, an update on the work of the Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force will appear in the next Khamsat, with some good news and many more ongoing projects..

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  1. welcome back, Edouard

  2. Any info regarding Jadah Galfia-1991 mare, Jadah Samirah-1993 mare or her daughter, Samirahs Adlayah-2008 mare? All are tail female *Samirah/

  3. Galfia is dead with no progeny. The other two are for sale or lease to the right home. If you know someone interested, or are interested, I can put you in touch with the owner.

  4. Edouard,
    One more inquiry: JBL Sirrocco Bey, 1990 BS; any info, still alive, still a stallion?

    Would very much like to know more about the two mares mentioned above.

  5. I don’t know about him, but I will look at the AHA datasource and get back to you. I was always curious about him.

    On the mares, contact Stephanie Theinert McCloud at

    You would be doing a great service to the breed.

  6. I’m interested in Desertbred horses. Are there any in the Northeast US? Interested in locating breeders. Learning about the strains. I’m facinated with Krayaan Dilmun of Pearl Island Stud.

  7. There are not many desert-breds in the NE US. Bill Biel in Michigan however has the only Bahraini stallion in the USA, a relative of Krayaan Dilmun called Mlolshaan Hager Solomon. Search for him on this blog’s search function and you will recent photos. He has two daughters in the USA so far and is 24 years old.

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