Not so common photo of *Wadduda

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 10th, 2011 in USA

8 Responses to “Not so common photo of *Wadduda”

  1. This is the one that most reminds me of En Pointe CF (or maybe that should be the other way around).

  2. This photo should be used more often, a famed war mare of the desert.

    I really like having you, Edouard, showing these great old photo’s! Glad you are so taken with Wadduda, and your new mare.

    Pamela’s mare has truly a lovely head. A totally different head to the Tripoli heads of Michael Bowling. Her, Pamela’s stallion Monologue has a similar head, also a non Tripoli.

    Like a wild deer, except a Bedouin’s horse.

  3. wow only the second photo of waduda i have ever seen and i like this one best

  4. I was re-reading the little book on *Wadduda by Jean Ivey at the AK booth at the Egyptian Event. It was a slow time, I was alone in the heat. A young woman in ME dress approached rather shyly with two young boys at her side. I offered them a cookie which the lads accepted. Then the young woman said, “My son (pointing to the 6 year old) is a grandson of the sheikh who gifted that mare to Homer Davenport!” Could I have been more astonished or more honored? I immediately gifted them a copy of “The Annotated Quest” by Charles Craver. And indeed this was the pinnacle of our week at the Kentucky Horse Park.

  5. I keep looking at this photo, as I was lectured by R.J. as to types showing up. I have seen this type oddly enough in some of the Krush. Never where I line bred, but in other breeding’s. The photo gave me a whole different look as to Wadduda.

  6. When I saw this picture…it took my breath!
    Wadduda has always be my most favored mare
    of all.
    At first I thought this couldn’t be the “War Mare of the Chicago World Fair”.
    As “Wadduda” was brought over to the USA to
    showed at this fair.
    Then after reading more from other people, I realized it is. Kudo’s to you for sharing
    with others this “Treasured Mare: Wadduda”

  7. I had a great great granddaughter of waduda,@ 20 years ago and a great grand son out of Nabiel.The mare could out jump stadium jumpers 17 hands,but was the best endurance horse I ever owned.The stallion,SR Saharab was the most honest living thing I have ever known,I used to ween all foals with him.The two of them loved each other like nothing I have ever seen in my 62 years.When my stallion died,Shatifa,screamed and cried and followed the sent trail to where I buried him.Both were more Nobel than any human I have known!

  8. “At first I thought this couldn’t be the “War Mare of the Chicago World Fair”. As “Wadduda” was brought over to the USA to showed at this fair.”
    Are you speaking of the Exposition in Chicago when the Hamidie Hippodrome Society brought Arabian horses over from Syria? If so, *Wadduda couldn’t have been one of them. Davenport was there but he hadn’t yet made his journey to get his Arabian imports.

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