Note on the Krush mares of Iskander Qassis

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 13th, 2014 in Syria

While perusing old handwritten notes I found this bit of information, from a conversation with Radwan Shabareq:

“Dr Iskander Qassis had four Krush mares which he got from Abu Husayn Khattab (the premier horse merchant and expert in Syria in the 1950s) who in turn got them from his father who had in turn obtained them from Mijhim ibn Mhayd. They were from the Krush of Al-Sane’, which was the best Krush marbat of the Fad’aan (woul ne3m).”

5 Responses to “Note on the Krush mares of Iskander Qassis”

  1. Is Sit Al Kull, Krush Al- Baida or Krush Al-Sane?

  2. Krush al-sane’.. i have a photo somewhere..

  3. No photo’s?

  4. Has Sit Al-Kull 4 crosses to the famous”Krush Halba”?

  5. yes three or four i forget

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