Nureddin II Query

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 16th, 2012 in General

Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who did an update on Miss Ott’s list of Sub-List *Nureddin’s? The task is daunting, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I am curious to see what’s left that is otherwise Al Khamsa eligible.. Just out of curiosity.

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  1. Remember, an update of Sub-List *Nureddin is not going to include descendants of Basilisk, Dwarka, or any other Al Khamsa foundation horses not also Blue List. The *Nureddin Sub-List included just “Blue” plus *Nureddin.

  2. I’ve just looked through Datasource using the Al Khamsa site to identify AK horses and I’ve find several living AK + Nureddin. Are all heavily diluted with Egyptian blood of course. For example the stallion THA SAREEI MONIET sired many born from the 80s to 2000s. I’ve seen on various forums other people ask about AK + Nureddin and they have been answered there are none left. Even Edouard has stated on this site that none are left, although he has stated the opposite as well! But there are quite a few left. I don’t have time to keep going. But for anyone else wanting to give it a go, I found cutting and pasting from Datasource onto a word document the easiest way to keep track.


  4. I didn’t remember you had mentioned Tha Sareei Moniet before Edouard. I can’t remember every horse you ever mentioned! Especially when I was in a rush. He was the first horse I found and it looks like he was the first you found too! I did find several others, I just used him as an example. I am curious myself how many are left so that’s why I had a look and I will eventually finish tracing Nureddin’s line for myself when I have time (don’t we all wish we had more time!?). Anyhow I was aiming my comment at your many followers and I was also suggesting to them to help you out. But seeing there are no volunteers, it looks like you’re going to have to finish tracing Nureddin’s line yourself. Good luck!

  5. You could check with Sara Jones, Edouard. She could have been tracking them…

  6. Any help is appreciated, Ed. I just meant to point you towards other relatives in case you are interested. Should have indicated that, but I guess I was in a rush..

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