Obeyaan Smaier at Prince Mohammed Stud, Bahrain

By Matthias Oster

Posted on May 13th, 2017 in Bahrain

Obeyaan Smaier M439, grey stallion, born 2007, by Dhahmaan Faraj M157 out of Obeyah Samira M262

10 Responses to “Obeyaan Smaier at Prince Mohammed Stud, Bahrain”

  1. Who is Dhahmaan Faraj?

  2. “dhamaan faraj m157” is dhamaan amer strain.

  3. does the strain still exist?

  4. Dahmah um amer or(dahma’t um amer) strain descendants left already from royal stud of prince mohammed bin salman al khalifa .

  5. tell me Ahmed, can you ask around you where did maanaghia safra marshoosha of sheikh mohammad’s stable, came from?

  6. I might be wrong but I think Ma’anaghieh Safra Marshoosha is descended from Ma’anaghieh Bin Hidfah Almorrah, bred by Sheikh Hamed Bin Hidfah Almurri and brought to Sheikh Hamed bin Eissa Al Khalifa circa 1930. Info and spellings of people’s names from Bahrain studbook vol 1.

  7. Hi Edouard, Dhahmaan Faraj (by Radbaan Alahmar) was out of a chestnut mare born 1970 imported from Saudi Arabia in 1984, She is in Bahrain Stud Book Vol 2. Her name was Dhahma Umm Amer and her sire was a Hamdani. Her breeder could have been Prince Bender bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. She had 5 foals in Bahrain. 1 filly & 4 colts. She died in 1995, the year Dhahmaan Faraj was born.

  8. Thank you for the added information!

  9. The reason I think this mare came from Syria (or Iraq) is that the only marabet of Dahman Amer horses came from these two places.

  10. From the website of the Bahrain Royal stud: “Today the Casbet El Khel line of the Ma’anaghieh has a sole representative in Ma’anaghieh Deemeh 844. This mare and mares from two lesser known families of the Ma’anaghieh continue this well known strain today.”

    Perhaps the Ma’anaghieh Safra Marshoosha is from one of these two lesser known lineages.

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