Off to Kuwait

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 8th, 2010 in General

I will be in Kuwait for the week, for work, and paradoxically this might mean you will be reading more of me, just because there is little to do there after 9.00 pm, except work very hard (in case my boss is lurking)

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  1. No active kids to occupy you, there. I see!

  2. I read with interest your connection to the Hamidie Society. I think my husband’s family was with that group. They are from Armenia and Lebanon and came to this country to show horses at the Chicago World’s Fair. Did the ship that they were on come in through the Port of Chicago and are there any lists of names of those people aboard. I am looking for Joseph Nercesian or Joseph Marcan (Marcar or Marcon)
    Thank you for any help. Barb Nercesian

  3. Barb, you need to contact Joe Achcar at

    He is the one with the Hamidie connection and can tell you a lot about it.


  4. If you are in the Gulf before Thursday, you could slip down to Sharjah to see the 11th annual Sharjah International Horse Festival. It’s date is March 11. I am guessing it is more than a bus ride down though. Perhaps a quick plane ride, or a very fast jeep! But if you can’t get away to Sharjah, perhaps you can visit the Kuwaiti breeders on the weekend.

  5. I am invited to Bait al-Arab on Thursday, by owe of the main Kuwaiti breeders, M. al-Marzuq.

  6. That sounds wonderful; we hope to hear all about it!

    Barbara, I have another contact who is researching a family connection to the Hamidie Society, in addition to Joe Achcar. Perhaps Edouard can send you my email address privately?

    She might be glad to coordinate research with you.

  7. How many Halim Shah Son’s are in the Gulf’s Staate’s?

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