Old, asil Kuhaylat al-Khdili from ‘Anazah

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 20th, 2015 in General

Also from my scans is this photo of old Leelas, the Kuhaylah Khdiliyah (an ‘Ajuz branch, highly esteemed in the Syrian desert) of ‘Abbud ‘Ali al-‘Amud of the ‘Aqaydat Bedouins, which he got from ‘Udayb al-Waqqa’ of the ‘Anazah. He was so attached to her, he would not sell her at any price, even though he was poor and he was getting handsome offers for her. He would not breed her either, because he thought no stallion was worthy of her. In old age, he agreed to lease her to Qatari diplomat Yusuf al-Rumayhi for a year, where she produced a filly by his Egyptian stallion Okaz (Wahag x Nazeema), and when she was in extreme old age, ‘Abbud finally conceded that the Hamdani Ibn Ghurab stallion al-A’war was worthy of her, so he agreed to breed her to him, and she produced a stallion, Saad al-Thani.

She is in her late twenties in this photo. Note the extremely deep jowl, the small cup-shaped muzzle, the lower lip longer than the upper one, the bone structure in the face, and the large eye, naturally lined and extended in black, like kohl makeup. That’s how the Kuhaylans derive their name.


2 Responses to “Old, asil Kuhaylat al-Khdili from ‘Anazah”

  1. What a dry and expressive head!

  2. Correction: Udayb al-Waqqa’ was not Anazah he was a horse owner from Al Bu Kamal, who got his horses from the ‘Anazah

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