Old photos of Saudi stallion *Furtha Dhellal

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 17th, 2016 in General

These are from the photo collection Billy Sheets gave me. For more on this 1960 stallion, click here. Maybe someone can find more about Khalid Hamid al-Dawsari who was living and working in al-Khobar in the 1960s.

furtha dellal





11 Responses to “Old photos of Saudi stallion *Furtha Dhellal”

  1. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I can certainly see his influence in his grandson, DB Krush. Beautiful, strong framed horse.

  3. Furtha Dellal reminds me the strong,powerful Bahraini stallions. He is a Hamdani. A Hamdani Simri?..or a”simple” Hamdani?.. Bred by the Al Dawasir bedouins in Nejd.
    One of the clans of the Al Dawasir tribal confederation called Banu Hamdan.I think is very interesting. It’s just a coincidence, or the Hamdanies originating from this clan?

  4. I have no idea, his certificate is one of the most mysterious ones, and I never knew what to make of it. He does look like the Bahrain horses for sure, in the neck and the croup.

    His certificate was clearly written by someone who knows nothing about Arabian horse strains. Sire: Salkawi (not Saklawi), dam: Hamdooni (not Hamdani). It’s not spelling mistakes, it’s ignorance. It looks like the certificate was done by an employee of a family business of the owner.

  5. No, no relation between the clan and the strain. Just a coincidence.

  6. Could it be that Al Dawasir have special accent of their own where they replace the “A”with an “O” and they pronounce it Hamdooni? The same if they replace the “K” with an “L” and they pronounce it Salkawi?

  7. No, not really. the hujjah was done on an trading company letterhead, complete with logo, po-box, phone number, etc. It just looks as if someone who knows nothing about horses transcribed it.

  8. What a well balanced power house.. He’s essentially level front to back. He would really help so many general list waho mares who are built downhill. A.I.R. that D.B. Krush horse is an especially nice mover. This would be a blood line to cherish. Who is breeding this guys descendants?
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  9. The last photo has some ‘forced-perspective’ that make his body look large and his head small. He didn’t really look like that. He was much more balanced.

  10. He has a mighty magnificent built.

  11. Bruce, Furtha Dhelall sired 30 foals, and many of them were from general list mares. One of them, the gelding Dawasir, racked up a long list of Dressage and English Pleasure ribbons. I believe the Cobbs also showed some of his get in hunter classes. As for who is utilizing his blood now, much of it comes down from the Desert Bred Stud of Rodger and Mimi Davis as well as the Antique Arabian Stud of Edie Booth. Other Al Khamsa breeders have also benefited from his 13 Al Khamsa foals.

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