On Backyard Stallion-Keeping

By Ambar

Posted on November 5th, 2008 in General

Well, after that introduction, I probably shouldn’t write my first post about the location of the gray gene in the horse. (That’s Michael’s cue, anyway.)

Instead, let’s talk about one of the joys of backyard stallions. Here at Deferred Maintenance Acres, the stallion pens are seven feet from the bedroom window. Being able to glance out the window at Palisades is an unqualified delight. (The shot, below, of Palisades enjoying breakfast in bed was taken through said window.) At night, the occasional contented snort or thump on a feed tub is soothing. Stallions exchange news and views over the fence, the wind blows, the birds sing. All is well in California in the autumn.

However, pasture breeding season is another story — time to break out the earplugs and the bedtime whiskey. Three AM seems to be a favored time for noisy couplings. I’m sure there’s a paper in this somewhere — Conception Rates Considered As a Function of Time of Day of Service or some such. That would require Data, though, in the form of enough pregnancies to bring any statistical link to light. While Palisades would serve enthusiastically, I’m sure, I’m a bit short of minions for such a project. Not to mention mares.

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  1. I wish I had him in my backyard! how are his fillies doing?

  2. I haven’t seen any recent pictures of “Spot” (BPA Subtil Surpris, 2006 b out of Nuance CF), so we will have to encourage Carrie to come here and give a report. I believe that filly is still for sale.

    Birdy (ADA Skylarking, 2006 g out of Lustre CF) is trying to have an awkward two-year-old phase, but it’s just not working — she’s still pretty. She is due to move to your neck of the woods (that is, Virginia) this spring.

    ADA Lionne (2007 c out of En Pointe CF) is recovering nicely from her pasture accident. Her ambition is apparently to be the first ever 800lb lap mare. She is surprisingly tall (well, it surprises *me*).

    For Anita Enander’s unnamed 2008 g out of RL Zahra Assahara (a Hadbah Enzahi), I’ll quote Michael: “Looks like a Palisades filly.” 🙂

  3. What do you think about this Stallion?

  4. Joksimovic,

    handsome, masculine horse. How old is he in the video, around three years? Is his pedigree posted anywhere? I see from this discussion that he is Kuhaylan Ajuz, is that right?

  5. A picture of ADA Lionne. She’s just shy of a year old in this one.

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