On the connections of the Tahawi tribe with specific ‘Anazah Bedouin clans

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Egypt, Syria

The Tahawi family website in Arabic is a gold mine of original information on the asil horses of Egypt’s Tahawi tribe. Here’s what I found today on this website concerning the horse Barakat, who is the paternal grandsire of the three foundation mares Folla, Futna, and Bint Barakat [my own annotations in between square brackets]:

The stallion Barakat is the son of the old Dahman,  the stallion of ‘Abdallah Saoud al-Tahawi which was bought from the ‘Anazah Arabs in 1322H (1898 AD), and the origin of this Dahman stallion is from the Dahmat ‘Amer mare of Jar Allah ibn Tuwayrish, and his sire is a Saqlawi Jadran [Note from Edouard: This is the same horse whose hujjah was reproduced and translated in an entry below]. As to the dam of the stallion Barakat, she is the mare of Mnazi’  ‘Amer al-Tahawi, and she is Dahmat Shahwan“.

Further above on the website there is the mention that “the Dahman horses of Mnazi’ ‘Amer al-Tahawi are from the horses of Ibn Maajil of Syria.”

The information on Barakat’s dam is extremely interesting. Not only because it allows us to go one generation back in the pedigrees of the three Hamdan stables foundation mares: Folla, Futna, and Bint Barakat. It’s also interesting because it reveals additional linkages between the Tahawi tribe and the clan of Ibn Maajil. The Bedouin clan of Ibn Maajil is the leading clan of the al-Ashaji’ah tribe, which was absorbed by the Ruwalah in the late nineteenth century as the latter tribe was becoming the largest and most powerful of the Bedouin tribes of the Northern Arabian desert. Those of you who read Arabic, can read a detailed interview of the current leader of the Ashaji’ah tribe, Muhammad ibn Farhan ibn Qasim al-Mi’jil (or Maajil). The tribe is now settled in the Northern Province of Saudi Arabia. The interview is on one of the main ‘Anazah tribal websites.

The linkages between the Tahawi tribe and the Ibn Maajil clan were already known: the Ibn Maajil clan actually appears as the breeder and the original owner of the desert-bred Ma’naqiyah mare which Prince Ahmed Pasha Kamal of Egypt acquired, apparently through the Tahawis. She is the dam of the stallion Sabbah (b. 1895), present in virtually every single Egyptian pedigree today.

2 Responses to “On the connections of the Tahawi tribe with specific ‘Anazah Bedouin clans”

  1. Fascinating, Edouard. It will be wonderful if you can share more information from this Tahawi site for those of us who do not read Arabic. Thanks for all your efforts and welcome back.

  2. What a great site! Going to take some time to go through it. Aren’t we lucky to have such tools so readily available today as web site translation so that we can all read it!

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