On the name of the son of Abbas Pasha I of Egypt — Ilhami

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Egypt

Abbas Hilmi Pasha I (1813-1854) is probably the one modern Egyptian ruler Arabian horse breeders know best, for the magnificent collection of desert-bred Arabian horses he is said to have kept.  His son’s only claim to fame was to have dispersed this collection in 1861.

In every single Arabian horse related publication, I have seen the name of Abbas Pasha’s son transcribed as “El Hami” Pasha, which sort of means ‘the Protector’, but which is not a first name. I always wondered about this, since Arabic first names seldom start with the definite article El/Al, and thought it was a mistake of some sort.

Yesterday, I fell upon an Egyptian chancery document where Abbas Pasha’s son’s name is clearly written “Ilhami”, which literally means ‘My Inspiration’, and was a rather common first name within the Egyptian upper class at the time. Names with a possessive form and a romantic connotation were not uncommon within Egypt’s ruling family at the time. Another example is  Ilhami’s own father’s second name: Abbas Pasha’s middle name was Hilmi, and it means “My Dream”. It was also the middle name of Abbas Hilmi II.

By the way, if you’re into the history of Egypt around this time, check the wonderful site and photo archives “Egypt of Bygone Days”, here.

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  1. C’est fantastique! Merci beaucoup.


  2. helo eduard its a great experience to read ur blog about arabian horses .i m frum pakistan i just got the pakistan arabian stud book and i am very pleased to see great arabians we have indvidual tracing back to great arabians like aswan .nazeer.the mare yosria and the stallion skeikh ul arab .i want to ask u a question i am not that expert on arabians if i want to get a colt whos dam line is strong and theres one whos sire line is strong which one i should go for,hopw u l guide me

  3. Khedive Abbas Pasha Hilmi II. son the Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim married with the Ottoman Princess Fatma Neslishah Sultan Osmanoglu and got a son Prince Sultanzade Abbas Hilmi and this got a son too, Prince Nabil Daoud Abdelmoneim Hilmi Bey…This are the real Heirs of the Horses of Abbas Pasha Hilmi II. of Egypt…

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Muhammad_Abdel_Moneim

  5. But this is absolutly Truth…Edouard 🙂

  6. Yes. I like it better when you stick to historical and verifiable information. 🙂
    Teymur, one more thing: I have nothing against you, on the contrary, I respect you and your noble origins, but you really need to try hard to prove what your claims on El Samraa and on anything else: letters, old documents, hujaj, interviews with elders, etc.
    Otherwise it is not credible.

  7. I know. sorry …I like you too…

  8. All is well, then. 🙂

  9. Ibrahim Ilhami Pasha was the son of Abbas I.
    He was married with Munira Sultana a daugther of Ottoman Sultan Abdulmajid. But also with several other wifes, he had no child with Munira Sultana.
    His three survided daughters from other wifes.
    Munira Sultana got only one son of her second Husband, and she dead very young with 18 years.
    Also the egyptian royal family wasnt arabian, they was albanians and dont speak arabic. They speak Turkish.

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