On their conscience

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 27th, 2011 in General

The more I am reading through the materials recently posted on the Tahawi website, the more I realize that the people within WAHO and the EAO who have denied registration to the asil Tahawi horses in the 1980s must have a lot on their conscience — nothing less than the destruction of one of the most authenticated group of horses in the Arabian breed.



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  1. We hear you.

  2. Is all hope lost? What is the status of these horses now?

  3. probably 5-7 older asil mares still left.. spread out here and there, some of them probably pulling carts in some nile delta town..

  4. You mean that Waho and the EAO had it within their power to ensure a refreshing wellspring of tough Asil, close to desert source horses were available to fix their overly-prettified stock and chose to do nothing? This then ensured that the Tahawi horses would have no market value? I hope they( waho and eao)choke on their money!
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek
    Bruce Peek

  5. I meant exactly that, and you will learn more from Bernd Radtke’s upcoming book on the issue.

  6. Dear Edouard,

    Non of them is pulling carts anywhere! Our mares die in the studs!!

    There are between 10 and 20 mares left. Not sure of the exact number because we are still searching all the Tahawy studs. We only count the horses that we have full information about. The definite number has reached 12 mares and two stallions all trace back to the pedigrees prepared by Bernd in the 1980s

  7. That’s not a lot, but it is enough to do something with, for sure.

  8. Hi All,
    Were can i find the Tahawy website?? And by the way my double Folla SE mare is doing very well. Would love to breed from her, she is Shuwayman Saba, any suggestions?? I want no show lines, but true desert doing lines like endurance.

    Edouard keep up the good work, love it.

  9. http://eltahawysaoud.com/

  10. Mrs. Forbis wrote in The Classic Arabian Horse on page 183 that the Royal Agricultural Society horses were “more ‘elite'” than the Tahawiya horses. However, I’m not sure what she meant by “elite”: whether that refers to type or history or both.

  11. R.J.

    To make a statement like that, “more’elite”, must mean that the Royal Agriculture Society as well as Ms. Forbis were trying to make a point. Am sure, she was, as they, were selling and stating type, history, and finer original quality.

    There is one problem always overlooked, only the Bedouin can relay as too qualities as to the horse. No one out side the source can lay claim, as the eye’s of a Bedouin.

    The very best any of us can do is safeguard what was once their’s.

    Ms. Forbis created a very large following, and presented
    the Egyptian Horse well. Today, others are having to decide on their own, separate thinking or like thinking. Sometimes to the loss of the once Bedouin’s Arabian horse
    Even the Bedouin went away from their own horse’s to the motor horse power and weapons. The strongest, by luck or otherwise, survived! And at what cost?

    Nothing new, here in the USA only a few years back the rich and powerful sought out new sales using all sort of ideas and media’s. Like, yes, page, “183” The Classic Arabian Horse. Yes, forgetting the original breeder, the Bedouin.

    JMH/Bedouin Arabians

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