Other photo of desert bred stallion Bango imported to Algeria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 20th, 2017 in Syria

I had never seen this photo of the Ma’naqi Sbayli stallion Bango, bred by the Shammar in 1923, and imported to Algeria by the French government in 1928, from an Egyptian racetrack. The photo was taken from an article on the Algeria stud of Tiaret, which appeared in the magazine Le Sport Universel Illustre N1375 of 1929/07/06.

Although French studs did not favor grey horses at the time, Bango left behind 142 offspring in both Algeria and Tunisia, including the stallions Sumeyr, Beyrouth, Titan, Caleh, and the mares Tosca, Salome, Palmyre, El Balaska, Gafsa, Themis, Diyyena, and others that stamped Northern African studs with their quality.


3 Responses to “Other photo of desert bred stallion Bango imported to Algeria”

  1. Man what a long hip! Very good bone too. Whoever was doing his shoeing and hoof trimming should have been put in prison. However, even with the hideous trimming his overall strength and balance shines out. I’ll bet he was a very good mover.
    Bruce Peek

  2. His nickname was the “flying horse”.

  3. That the horse could be “the flying horse” if he had that hoof care is a testament to his physical ability and courage.

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