Part Davenport Arabians and Old American Arabians

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 29th, 2012 in General

Is anyone keeping a log of part-Davenport Arabians? They used to be featured in Craver Farms’ newsletter Our Quest, but  I haven’t seen a tally in many years. Isn’t this something an Al Khamsa volunteer would want to do?

By the way, I am longing for a push to revive the identity of “Old American” asil Arabians as a group of horses, which are so different from the New Egyptian (post 1958) horses that constitute the overwhelming majority of show horses qualifying as Al Khamsa. These Old American Arabians, which as a group would include Davenports, Babson Egyptians, Doyles, plus *Turfa, Sirecho, Hallany Mistanny, plus horses from the Hamidie, Huntington, Harris, Brown and other older bloodlines, look a lot more like each other than each group looks like the New Egyptian horses as a group.

They represent a set of horse types– which I lump under “Old American”, while recognizing wide variations within it– that is worth preserving in its own right, without further admixture of New Egyptian blood (the invading Nazeer and Moniet El Nefous influence, broadly speaking).

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  1. Not a bad idea to put a label on asil bloodlines to make them popular in the USA, ‘Old American” sounds like a winner 🙂

  2. yes, a bit like Mad Men… 50s revival. 🙂

  3. To me the american foundation lines look like a lot of the cmk lines. Not all to be sure, especially the heavily Skowronek- Raffles lines which do seem quite a bit ,’blockier,. And they mostly are quite a bit ,’ typier,’ than the Polish-French crossed horses nowadays.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. well i noticed some similarities in my own mares, all of which quality as CMK too. I have 5 older mares from these “Old American” lines now: Jadiba (mostly Doyle), Chelsea (all davenport), Sahra (Ott/davenport), and the two Krush leases from Canada (Davenport, Harrris, Manial, etc), and while they are not entirely similar, they do share a certain likeness.

  5. The combined source Al Khamsa Horses are the very heart of Al Khamsa. They represent the best of the best and have the greatest resources for the future. For those of us who are breeding highly selective sources, rare breeding groups, we have a very different approach to what we are trying to do.
    Saving original tail female in very tight groups. Thus limited resource. Yet, what is being seen is well worth the effort, time, and resources gained. Realizing just what we are doing, breeding for the sake of closeness to the Bedouin original type. Not an American Type or early American Type.

    Personal thought as the world of Asil becomes more as to awareness as to Bedouin Types, Al Khamsa must take a strong approach to saving that look each group has. Certain I am all the various groups you mention Edouard have a certain expression as to the various tail females
    and breeding’s. Hope fully each group will be sought out as to their tail female and expression they represent.

    Joe did wonderful with his group and retained a certain look. So did so many others. The idea of groups is not new, seems a constant rebirth.

    If based on tail female, it most likely would work as to grouping. An approach never really taken except in a very limited way. Everyone seems to have their own thought as to what will work. Perhaps this is the American way?

    Forgetting tail female, and creating a mixed look with constant mixed results. For me confusing results. I think R.J. would disagree with me, as would others. Yet, My suggestion would be to reinforce groups of tail female
    and the resource within those groups. Won’t happen, I know, as once again this is not the American way.

    So? JMH/Bedouin Arabians

  6. Great idea in concept. Something which might help spread awareness of these horses. On a related note, Thank Heaven was bred yesterday to DB Krush. No Nazeer, no new Egyptian. Linebred within Saudi source thru Krush, *Turfa, and behind Mlolshaan Hager Soloman’s pedigree. Other than that, another complete (on paper)pedigree outcross. Very similar type to type breeding, though. Foal will be “Old American”, newer desert lines cross! Pray for a healthy foal!

  7. Fingers crossed. That’s going to be a great foal.

  8. I wonder how many Al Khamsa horses don’t have Nazeer and Moniet by the way… 5%, 7%?

  9. Cathie, that is wonderful news. I think it will be a great foal.

    Jackson is right: the combined source horses are the backbone of Al Khamsa, but unfortunately their percentage of the whole has gone WAY down. Edouard is a one-man crew working at righting that wrong!

  10. As you know, Jenny Krieg bred a beautiful filly from DB Khrush and Kim Davis also took a mare to him. That’s a Combined Source stallion that seems to have quite a following!

  11. Unfortunately, the Mad Men reference is most appropriate. The rise and fall of various groups, whether identified as descendants of a particular stallion, or of a breeding farm, or of subset (sounds like a math problem) within asils is as dependent upon visibility and P.R., as it is anything else. I’ve been around long enough to see people sell their first-born to get a son or daughter of *Bask or *El Paso, or *Morafic, etc. Most of this was generated by advertising and show wins, and within a handful of years (15 to 20) from the death of the “Dearly Beloved” the desire to be the owner of Super Duper Bestest Son of Stallion X, has waned considerably. Americans are not long term planners whether it is as breeders of horses, owners of the most and highest platform shoes or a political slogan, so for combined source horses to have more than a handful of individuals who love them (and should so do) they must put them where the public can see them, one way or another, and be interested in owning, riding and maybe even breeding one.

  12. So DB Khrush is a blend of Saudi and Davenport, is that right? Explains why he is one of the best comformed stallions in the United States. He has a lot to offer all of the ,’ show toy,’ waho- general list mares. Bet he’d improve them by orders of magnitude.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  13. As a reminder, September 15, 2012 Berlin, NH home of Maynesboro Stud- originally established in 1912 by W.R. Brown, there will be a commerative endurance ride, pleasure ride and celebration. This is very relevant to the CMK bloodlines. The Berlin Coos County Historical Society has been very supportive of recognizing this great tribute to the Arabian horse, The Arabian as the War Horse( 1913,endurance testing began here by these breeders over NH lands), as well as W.R. Brown and his contribution to what we as preservation breeders continue today.
    This event is listed as a recognized sanctioned ride and we are in hopes that many of you may attend.
    Isnt this really some of the American Old Lines, I say some recognizing the impact of Davenport as well…

  14. This morning Thank Heaven was confirmed in foal to DB Krush. We’re excited!

  15. Congrats, Cathie!

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