Pedigree is Poetry

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 4th, 2012 in General

Just like “code is poetry” to the WordPress blogging community, to me the way sires and dams, strains and names, tail males and tail females combine to make a pedigree come to life feels like the rhymes and rythm of verses in a poem. Bad pedigrees are like bad poems, I cannot read them without cringing. A good pedigree on the other hand is something I can gaze at for hours, marveling at the delicate craftsmanship and genius — sometimes unintentional — behing them. Look at this one for instance, or this one, or this one: can you hear them speaking to you?

Below, my favorite poem, from Rimbaud


One Response to “Pedigree is Poetry”

  1. How wonderful to find the first link in this post lead to “ole Danny” (ZFidl Fadl)! What a wonderful gentleman he was. A horse that was purchased at an auction for a riding horse, the plan being to geld him. He remained intact due to his excellent disposition that bought him “room & board” at more than one boarding stable. He did it all, worked cattle, dressage, trail riding, polo and sired the best colt I ever had!

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