Photo of the Day: AAS Ghazala, Dahmat Shahwan of Saudi/Bahraini lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 11th, 2010 in Arabia, Bahrain, Bahrain, USA

Reader Regina from Germany sent me this picture of her 2001 mare AAS Ghazala (Ibn Taamrud x DB Jasidah by Desert Jalam).  Regina’s mare is special for many reasons: first, she is one of the very few asil Arabian horses — less than 10, I think — of the Dahman Shahwan line to *Sawannah, a mare imported from Bahrain to the USA in 1954. Second, all her ancestors came from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain straight to the USA, as part of the last major batch of desert imports to the country. Third, she is only four generations away from her closest desert ancestor. Sometimes, I just can’t believe mares like AAS Ghazala still exist today. I am so glad they do, thanks to people like Regina who try to preserve these bloodlines.

Ghazala’s beautiful and proud little colt is sired by AAS Theeb (AAS Al-Sakb x Bint Amiraa by Taamrud), a Hamdani Simri tracing to the marbat of the Saudi royal family. The colt was born on April 13th 2010, and is the latest addition to this small but precious family.

21 Responses to “Photo of the Day: AAS Ghazala, Dahmat Shahwan of Saudi/Bahraini lines”

  1. I hope the stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon from Bahrain will be used, since he would be a perfect match for this group of horses.

  2. Bassam, I think there are plans being made to send at least three mares to him..

  3. Dear Regina,
    It is good to hear, the Dahhmat Shahwan line of Bahrain is still exist in Europe too. Where are your horses in Germany?

    László from Hungary

  4. Lovely mare! And isn’t her colt a handsome little fellow. Congratulations!

  5. a gift of the desert…..

  6. hallo laszlo,I live in Stapelmoor/weener near the dutch border.You can look on our website if you like, there you can see were we live.

  7. hallo bassam, I thought that to at the first, but salomon is not a good match for my horses.He’s a foundationhorse but not a blue star. he has the muniqi strain.

  8. There is a high possibility that your mare has Ma’anaghi blood in her coming from Sawannah. The Bahrain stud uses the Ma’anaghi stallions intensively for many generations. Some of their best head stallions are Ma’anaghi which they bread most mares to.

    I like your mare and colt and good luck.

  9. Bassam is correct Regina. Plus there is nothing wrong with the maanaghi strain,at least for us Arabs. The problem with the maanaghi strain is only in the head of Carl Raswan.

  10. … and what is the name of your website?

  11. I like the discussion and light on the subject from pure man last year when he was able to speak…. I paste below:

    Pure man Said:
    May 7th, 2009 %I:%M %p

    Bint El Bahreyn Dahmah Shahwaniyah
    bred by Rais Issa Ibn Khalifah of Bahrain and imported in 1903 to Egypt as a gift for Khedive Abbas II. Purchased in 1907 by Lady Anne Blunt for Sheykh Obeyd Stud, Egypt.

    Dahmeh El Malek The same family of Bint El Bahreyn
    Edouard Said:
    May 7th, 2009 %I:%M %p

    You’re right, some of the dates don’t match. But again, the dates are from which is not reliable. You need to look at the Bahraini studbook. Most probably, both Bint El Bahreyn and *Sawannah probably go back to the line of Dahmet al-Malek.

    Edie, desertbred speaking again:

    He said quite a lot more… ie `hiding information`. The archives on the topic are worth the read.

    Unfortunately, I went on to look at the pictures and saw that horrible video that I posted on you tube in the dead of winter…. just to give someone the idea of the mare’s size and color…. I took it down a long time ago, but I guess it is `out` there…. That means I must post some new Dahmah pictures, I guess.

    However, I would have to agree with Regina on her breeding choices, and no one should insist that all horses have every strain within them. It is just not true, and it is not useful to blend all the strains together… not from a breeders perspective, regardless of the Blue Catalog / Blue Star stand point.

    If we do not keep seperate groups of our very small rare groups, we cannot return to the well head when we need to quench our thirst.

    so you actually have the Dahmah mare given back from the Kingdom to Bahrain for the one generation producing SAWANNAH. from there to the US, from there to Germany. Wonderful!

  12. Edouard,

    Please remove the link to that video for our special Dahmah mare. It does not do her justice, and it brings me great sadness, as the colt with her, who would have made a fine stallion (sired by an extremely rare line, also with Dahman) is deceased. We lost him.

    That means, of course, that I promise some good pictures of the mare…. and her new colt.


  13. laszlo, our website is

  14. Hi Edie, I am sorry about your loss, these things are always painful. I will remove it. No worries.

  15. That little colt is stunning!! He carries his head as if he knows how special every precious drop of his blood is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of such a young colt with that much presence.

    Edie: I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and deepest sympathy are with you tonight. I doubt there is a single person on this blog who does understand the pain that lingers on when we lose one of these beautiful creatures with whom we have such deep connections, especially when the loss is so unexpected.

    Elena in Bologna

  16. maanaghi strain doesn’t matter, but it’s not known it’s in my horses, until than I try not to mix the lines.

  17. I tought about this, and Im very lucky to say, that we at least, have our own blue-star stallions here to breed with her.

  18. i have 2 of your mares edie and have been doing all stallion searches and only you know of the mares you gave me, would they be a good cross to this stallion, soloman, of hot topic of late….i dont know that much of these horses i just know they are hot….help…..

  19. Dear Regina and others,

    In a Dutch magazine this week my article on Pieter ter Veer’s Saudi’s was published. The magazine is called de Hoefslag and I have the jpg file of it, for everyone interested.
    Hope to meet you one day Regina.

    Brigitte (Netherlands)

  20. Brigitte,
    You are very welcome to come and visit us any time, our adress and phone number can be found on our web site.
    Best Regards Regina and Warren

  21. Dear Brigitte,
    Can You send the jpg file of your article ?
    My e-mail adress is:

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