Photo of the day: Afaf, Hamdaniyat al-‘Ifir, Jabri Stud, Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 31st, 2011 in Syria

Another photo taken by G. Waiditschka at the Jabri Stud outside Aleppo, Syria. This one shows the young mare ‘Afaf, a Hamdaniyat al-‘Ifri (from the same family as the stallion *Ta’an who was imported to the USA). These horses, also known as Hamdaniyat al-Tulan after their original Bedouin owner Munwikh al-Tawil, are Hamdani al-‘Ifri.

Al-‘Ifri was a man from the ‘Anazah who bred a most famous and reputed marbat of Hamdani Simri. In the Northern Arabian desert, the two marabet of Hamdani al-‘Ifri and Hamdani Ibn Ghurab are equally valued branches of Hamdani Simri.

4 Responses to “Photo of the day: Afaf, Hamdaniyat al-‘Ifir, Jabri Stud, Syria”

  1. Lovely mare. She is as good as Hesham Al Andalous (Kassar / Kahlah Al Thaneiah)- Hamdani al-’Ifri. They can produce some nice foals together.

  2. She is quite an attractive mare. Lovely expression. One would love to see these horses in the flesh.

  3. She looks to be the quality to build a breeding program around,at least what i can see of her. Need to get a new Computer. This ones showing its age.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. What a lovely Arabian mare. Note the prominent ridge above the eyes creating the shadows over her eyes. It appears that the foal will also inherit this quality. Reminds me of the Davenport mares Bint Antan (El Alamein x Antan) and Iras (El Alamein x Portia). The Babson mares Misimma (Fa-Serr x Fay Khedena) and Aradan (Khebir x Nadra) also had this quality as did the Blue Star stallion Fa Maje (Ibn Fadl x Al Asmaj). Also this mare reminds me in overall form to the Egyptian import *Saleema (Anter x Basima).

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