Photo of the Day: Aghal, grey Ubayyan al-Suyayfi, Saudi Arabia

By Matthias Oster

Posted on February 20th, 2011 in Saudi

Ubayyan al-Suyayfi stallion by Haleem out of Waqairah, from our recent trip to Saudi Arabia with the Asil Club

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  1. I will be writing about the Saudi strain of ‘Ubayyan al-Suyayfi soon.

  2. Good! I am sure liking these horses. Love the forehead on this stallion, and the jibbah placement reminds me so much of some of our horses. Like that the knees and hocks are “well let down” as Lady Anne Blunt would say! And the loin. And the muscular chest. And…..

  3. Sorry,

    Reminds me of some of the early Turfa’s! Extreme movement and extension! I always found them exciting to ride! The Davenports I had and have seem to be more under, more suited for collection. One’s that can dance or canter in place. Regardless, we all see and relate to these horses seeing what is real and then wanted. I am surprised that at what is still there, as I am sure the Bedouins would be surprised as to what is still here?

    These horses shown, show us all the will and ability of continuation, original can and does remain a goal. The world just keeps getting smaller!


  4. Edouard, thank you for doing this blog. I have pictures from Desert Bred Arabians to share with you, but I haven’t been able to find an e-mail contact for you from your site. Is there a way I can e-mail you?
    Thanks, Cindy for Desert Bred Arabians

  5. Cindy hi: it’s

  6. Back from Southern California and enjoying the heck out of my second generation descendants. It’s difficult to look at them and try not to see characteristics from all four grandparents – it’s a failing from having breed horses, rabbits and other animals – I’m only slightly ashamed.

    But, I digressed. Edouard, I love these photos and information you have been posting on your blog. Would love to see some of this blood in the US locally. Way, way too much inbreeding in what is left in the horses in the US. The horses you have shown are lovely, and it makes one yearn to see them in the flesh.

  7. Ive heard so many stories about The great Arabian horses of the Sea Of Fire im am most impressed.. Ive read… a handful of Sand ,wind and from it formed a horse, saying:
    Oh Arabian. To thy forelock, I bind Victory in battle.
    On thy back, I set a rich spoil And a Treasure in thy loins.
    I establish thee as one of the Glories of the Earth…
    I give thee flight without wings.”
    — from Ancient Bedouin Legend

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