Photo of the day: Al Bark, Shuayman Sabbah stallion from Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 17th, 2010 in Syria

I just received this beautiful headshot of the bay stallion Al-Bark (Beebars x Etidal by Burhan x Obeirah) from Joe Achcar in Syria.

This stallion is a Shuwayman Sabbah by strain, but from a different marbat that that of the Jarbah leaders of the Shammar Bedouin tribe.  The marbat of Shuwayman Sabbah to which Al-Bark traces is known as “Shuwaymat al-Rahbi” from the name of their breeder Mohammad al-Rahbi, who also happens to be from Shammar. The Shuwayman horses of Mohammad al-Rahbi trace their origin to the leader of the large Bu-Mutaywit Bedouin tribe of Northern Iraq, which has bred them for several generations. They are a well respected marbat, according to Shammar elders, such as ‘Abd al-‘Iyadah al-Da’ran Ibn Ghurab, who used to breed from one of their stallions.

They were also known as good racehorses.. Al Barq in particular traces to a really good old stallion who was active in the area of settlement of many Shammar tribes in the early nineteen eighties: the dark bay Ma’anaghi Hadraji of Dahir al-‘Ufaytan, perhaps of the best desert-bred stallions of the late twentieth centuries, in my opinion.

4 Responses to “Photo of the day: Al Bark, Shuayman Sabbah stallion from Syria”

  1. ..Once Raad and then his son Hussam al-Shimal and now Al-Bark. Again a very interesting horse from Syria, and again from Joe Achcar.Thank You Joe for posting this picture to Edouard.

    Best wishes from Hungary,

  2. Do you have more pics of him?? He looks gorgeous to me, is he for lease?? Can you send me his owners contact details??


  3. Monique contact Joe at

  4. magnifique etalon, est ce qu’il est vivant?

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