Photo of the Day: Bossa Nova, asil Jilfat Dhawi from France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 19th, 2009 in Algeria, France, Tunisia

At last I get to see a picture of Bossa Nova (Iricho x Bassala by Masbout), thanks to Adrien Deblaise who sent me this one today.  Bossa Nova, of the Jilfan Dhawi strain that traces to the mare Wadha from the Fad’aan tribe, was bred by the French government stud of Pompadour, by Iricho, an asil imported from Anatole Cordonnier’s breeding in Tunisia, out of Bassala, an asil imported from the Tiaret government stud in Algeria.

Bossa Nova, an asil Jilfat Dhawi by Iricho x Bassala, bred by the French government stud of Pompadour

 Bossa Nova, together with the Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare Ablette (photo below, by Sumeyr x Attique by Meat), was deemed the “best”, “purest”, and “most classic” mare in Pompadour” by master-breeder Robert Mauvy. Now I see why. ablette

9 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Bossa Nova, asil Jilfat Dhawi from France

  1. What a classy mare!

  2. Very feminine. She reminds me of the Davenport mare Fasal.

  3. She has lines to both Ghazi and El Managhi featured here earlier. From these bloodlines come some of the best asil horses in the world, IMO.

  4. Very nice mares both of them. The picture of Bossa Nova reminds me very much of the chestnut mare Fa-Dlara (Ibn Fadl x Bint Turfara) of the Blue Star breeding group who I saw and filmed in Texas in 1977, very similar in many ways to Bossa Nova. Fa-Dlara was a very nice mare. She was owned by Bob Cowling who also had Egyptian horses, and he kept many of them at Joe Miller’s place in Rosebud, TX where I filmed her. Joe Miller told me that Fa-Dlara had beaten out a Gleannloch bred Morafic daughter in a halter class at one of the bigger Texas shows. Not that halter matters much to me but it was interesting to see this nice mare from such a very small breeding group compete in the mainstream ring with the popular Gleannloch bred horses of the time.

  5. There is a group on Facebook organising aid for Gisela Bergmann, the woman who is keeping a herd of some 30 Arabian horses of old Tiaret & Sidi Thabet bloodlines.

    A quick search on google learns that she is unable to decently feed her animals anymore for quite some time.

    The pictures show horses in rather bad condition

    If there is an opportunity to take-over a large breeding program with Maghrebian bloodlines prior to the french partbred racing stock, it is perhaps this program.

  6. Thanks for letting me know Patrick. Will act swiftly

  7. Edouard,
    what do You think about the german asil stallions,El Sareei Ali Baba or El Sareei Namib ? They are very sympatic horses,but how I know,they are not accepted from Asil Club, because the maghreb originated damline.
    ( Berriane – Wadha )


  8. Berriane is a very clean, prestigious line. Madani has an old French line to Mossoul which I haven’t researched in full yet, and Koreich has a line to Barr which is problematic, because Barr is registered in the French Stud Book as a Barb not an Arab (even though i think this is clerical mistake, personally).

  9. Hi
    I have a house in the centre of Pompador France if you would like to visit the stud, eventing arena and race course next summer let me know.
    kind regards

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