Photo of the Day: DB Rulique, Hamdani stallion in Canada

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 16th, 2011 in Saudi

DB Rulique (Ruta-Am x Desert Malique by Desert Jalam) is a 1987 Hamdani Simri stallion bred by Rodger Davis entirely from original desert stock. He traces in tail female to Sindidah, a mare from the stables of the House of Saud. His owner Kelly Miller of Alberta, Canada, trained him as a level 3 dressage horse. Bedouins consider the ‘blood marking’ on the body to be a mark of ‘asalah’ (purity, authenticity). Photo from Lee Oellerich, who owned the horse for a couple years.

17 Responses to “Photo of the Day: DB Rulique, Hamdani stallion in Canada”

  1. He embodies true collection, rejoicing in his strength, mocks at fear and is not dismayed, to paraphrase some better writers than i. What a horse!
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. Absolutely gorgeous…Did he breed on???

  3. He did Clothilde, and quite a bit for a BLUE STAR stallion

  4. Fabulous horse, good question Clothilde… did he?

  5. sure did! with more crosses to Sindidah!

    Great Job!

  6. He simply sings — and without benefit of neck sweats, goop, or a #40 clipper blade. This photo makes me rejoice.

  7. I think I’m in love!

  8. Do they offer shipped semen?

  9. Ask Lee, he knows the owners.

  10. I would be delighted to have a photo of him in dressage for the Khamsat photo feature, now in progress!

  11. Remember also,Jeanne, that last May we saw Rulique’s more-than-half brother AAS Al Hamdani (AAS El Hezzez x Desert Malique), and were impressed with his powerful, collected movement…

  12. Ah, yes! Thank you for reminding me of the connection. I can see more clearly now. I did like AAS Al Hamdani very much indeed.

  13. This Tail female line just almost did not get into the registry!

    Things have come a long way?

    But then it took a lot to just get the Davenports, like a new registry!

  14. I just found this site and the references to DB Rulique. He is my horse now. I live in Sequim, Washington. I got him in June of 2011. I got him in hopes of breeding him to my Blue Star Hamdani mare AAS Anidah. I’m happy to report that this year the breeding was successful and we are expecting a foal in early April, 2013. I’m posting this because someone was wondering where Rulique was. He’s here, he’s happy and healthy and active.

  15. Hey Michele, glad you found this site! I am such a big fan of your stallion DB Rulique based on the unique photo I saw of him! So if you have more photos to share, please send them to me at

  16. First time I have seen this post. This is a wonderful stallion! Great to know he is alive and well and BREEDING!

  17. Nice horse. I’d like to find one like this to breed a couple of mares to!!

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