Photo of the day: desert bred Hamdani horse from Bahrain

By Pure Man

Posted on May 16th, 2009 in Bahrain, Bahrain

This is a famous photo. The masculine stallion pictured is a Hamdani from the Bahrain Royal Stud, by al-Jallabi al-Mashoosh al-Thani (Specked Jellabi II) and out of “the Hamdaniyah of Fatis”. Fatis was the old “Master of the Horses” (stud manager) who was in charge of the stud from 1942 to 1974, according to this website that also has a picture of Old Fatis


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  1. I think Fatis was Importer from Dirab

    There in Dirab One stallion Like him

    al Waddah and his son Al-Hazim

  2. I think Fatis was his Name in Dirab FARIS

    (SAUDI 84 a Hamdani, later exported to Bahrain in the 1960s, with another stallion and six mares, all Hamdani. )

  3. called Hamdaany Riad this stallion

  4. Hamdaany Riad

    I know old man Named Mubarak Saleh Al-Qahtani He works with horses in the Dirab From more than fifty years
    He was with the horse When the export to the Bahrain and he He told me Hamdaany Riad was in Dirab and export to Bahrain
    There Some things the Bahrain people Hiding

  5. now contacted to Mubarak Saleh Al-Qahtani and I asked About Hamdaany Riad

    He said I went with Horses to Bahrain and Hamdaany Riad with Horses and His name was FARIS and Sheikh Mohammed Take FARIS and he changed to Hamdaany Riad

  6. That is VERY interesting!

  7. Now I am lost.

    Is the horse in the picture above Hamdani Riad?

    The horse above is Hamdani #71 BH was born in Bahrain, by Jellabi Al-Mashoosh II, out of Hamdaninet Fatis #202 BH, who came from Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

    Hamdani Riad was born in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia. Mubarak al-Qahtani says he was Faris #84 SA, who is by Al-Harqan out of El-Hadbaa’.

  8. Yes he is said Hamdani Riad he is Faris

    This form is the form of Saudi horse .
    Government horses Like This form

    and not form of Bahrain horse

    the picture above is for Faris #84 SA, who is by Al-Harqan out of El-Hadbaa’.

  9. Today I Met Mubarak al-Qahtani and he See photos of the picture above he Said I do not know thes stallion picture But he Said Again Faris is Hamdani Riad

  10. The horse in the picture is the son of al-Jallabi al-Marshoosh al-Thani from Bahrain. His dam is the Hamdaniyah from Dirab, which was owned by Fatis (Futays). Futays was the Bedouin man who is responsable for the horses at the time of Shaykh Salman in Bahrain.

    But it is important to know that Hamdaani Riad is Faris.

  11. We need Real pedigree for Bahraini stallions in Saudi Arabia



    I AM Sure it is Pure stallions and see the difference Between Bahraini stallions
    In the West and Saudi

  12. Why is there a difference? Both are from Bahrain? Climate? Food? or blood?

  13. I mean the different pedigree

  14. From page 22 of The Amiri Arabian Stud Book of Bahrain, vol. I:

    “Hamdany Nr. 71 (born 1962 died 1975) who served at stud was the last male offspring by Jellaby Speckled. His dam, Hamandieh [sic] Fatis Nr. 202 (dead) was bred at Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia. When the Saudi Royal Stud was being relocated in early 1950, she was brought to Bahrain and joined the Royal Stud early 1960.”

    In the stallion chart on p. 10, his information is: Hamdani Grey, 1963-1975, by Jellaby Speckled II, and dam Hamdaniet Fatis.

    Jellaby Speckled II was by Jellaby I Speckled.

    These horses appear in DataSource as:

    HAMDAANY (71) 1962 grey BHR*598, by


    JELLABY 1914 grey BHR*508

    The 30-year gap between Hamdaany and his sire is entirely plausible. I currently own not one but TWO mares who were foaled in the years their sires turned 30. My mares are Periwinkle CF (1995) by Pericles (1965), and Fair Naomi UF (1990) by Janan Abinoam (1960).

  15. I have a question About HAMDANIEH BHR*570 MARE

    This MARE IS dam of HAMDANIEH (161)BHR*621

    What is the source

  16. Could the confusion be caused by the old way of often naming a horse to give some indication of it’s roots. Pre WAHO this was often done. When I lived in Bahrain in the 1960’s/70’s I had a Hamdaany from Kuwait who was always referred to as Hamdaany Kuwaiti beause of his origins I later found out his name when he’d arrived from Kuwait had been Hamdaany the Fox (because of his colour). His story is on the aritcles page of my website he was “My 20 dinar horse”
    I knew Hamdaany Riad and knew he had some connections with Saudi.
    Jellaby Marshoosh Althani lived until he was 38 years old and it was said he covered his last two mares aged 36 and got them in foal. Jenny

  17. Yes, horses frequently change names when they changed countries or regions.

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