Photo of the Day: Dinar, Ma’anaqi Zudghum, a son of al-Aawar

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 21st, 2009 in Arabia, Syria

Ma’anaqi Zudghum is one of the most respected marabet of Sbayli, owned by a Bedouin of the Sba’ah tribe called Zudghum. Dinar’s sire, the Hamdani Simri al-Aawar, was pictured in an earlier entry.

This photo was taken by my father at Mustafa al-Jabri’s stud in Aleppo, where Dinar, then a growthy two and a half years old colt, was on loan from his owner Zafir Abdul Khaliq. Back then (early 1990s, judging by the shirt I am wearing in the picture), Dinar was thought to have a ‘prettier’ head than your average Arabian horse from Syria, so breeders rushed to breed him to their mares even though he was still too young. It may have stifled his growth process. Again desert-bred horses in general and al-Aawar’s sons and daughters in particular take a longer time to mature, and in a hindsight, I think this one would have matured into a much better proportioned horse had he not been used so heavily at such a young age.

Dinar, an asil Ma'anaghi Zudghum from Syria

2 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Dinar, Ma’anaqi Zudghum, a son of al-Aawar

  1. I did’t pay attention of that photo of Dinar (Al Aawar) or never seen it before but what a beautiful stallion with very oriental aspect. Quite different of his half brother Shaddad (Marzouq) which is oriental too as far i remenber as it was young (3 years old); Like Tadmor’products, both are good ambassadors of quality of the “Sang” in Syria.

  2. I agree, Arnault. I must have missed seeing it years ago, or just have no memory. But he reminds me of some Davenports I have known, and would have fit quite nicely in a stall in our stallion barn. Lovely colt.

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