Photo of the Day: Ebonys Doyle LHF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 19th, 2011 in General

I also saw many nice horses at the Al Khamsa Convention. One of my favorites was the 24 year old mare Ebonys Doyle LHF (Ebony Nefous RSI x Larkin DE by Greggan), bred by Vincent Melzac, from two of his favorite horses, and now owned by Lesley Detweiler.

She traces twice to the grand Rabanna (Rasik x Banna by Nasr), and her dam is a Doyle mare of 100% old Crabbet breeding. In my opinion, and regardless of the petty politics of what is “Straight Egyptian” and what isn’t, the more Rabanna blood in a horse, the better the horse.

Also, Carl Raswan and Richard Pritzlaff did not save Rabanna in the 1950s, so that we waste her blood away in 2010. We cannot pay continuous lip service to their legacy, and do nothing about it in practice.

Not sure how many horses with Rabanna blood remain today (someone needs to do a headcount), but something really needs to do something about that.

And by the way, I don’t believe that the head of an Arabian horse needs to be more “extreme” than that. Anything beyond that becomes distortion.


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  1. Edouard, I am the lucky person who saw 6 horses with Rabanna blood in Europe, Kidalton Mona, Kidalton Danah and her daughter Orfira Shahir, Kidalton Mozaic, Kidalton Silhouette and her son King Ramses Shahir.
    I have photos if you want to post 🙂

  2. oh yes please Clothilde..

  3. Karen Heintzelman in Michigan has several horses of Rabanna blood now since taking in the herd of Bob Johnson. These trace to his wonderful old stallion Oracle RSI, a great grandson of hers, also to daughters of Sir White Moon, a grandson.

  4. In Israel we have descendents of Rabanna which trace through these original US imports: the mares Queen of Sheba RSI, JM Talumi, Fakhers Teekatu, and Mooniet, and the stallion Saklawi Din.

  5. Your horses, you forgot to add! and a pity they have become so endangered in the USA now…

  6. Sheila Harmon may still have a few, and Jan Ferraro…

  7. Is Jan Ferraro Jan Sorrell?

  8. We thoroughly enjoyed bringing 24 yr. old Ebonys Doyle LHF & her 2005 black daughter, MSF Ebonys Narmina sired by SBE stallion, Faydin to the 2011 AK convention in Allentown, PA. One of the reasons was to present the “Doyle with Rabanna”/Blunt look, as we treasure it. The other reason is raise awareness of the rarity of some of these lines. We have another daughter sired by RG Hilacious(El Hilal x Desert Song RSI) out of Ebonys Doyle LHF, who will also carry the line forward. Perhaps Ebonys Doyle LHF will have another foal, since the Vet gave her a “thumbs up” for breeding again. Rosemary Doyle might consider sending a Doyle stallion to the east coast for such an encounter, or for her daughters. It is hopeful that the Rabanna line horses worldwide will continue to produce replacements, as that would be a wonderful opportunity to being those lines back together again at some point. This site is perfect to make connections around the world.
    Edouard, yes, Jan is now Jan Ferraro.

  9. Well she is a magnificent mares, and Terry and Rosemary were here talking about her. If Rosemary does send a Doyle stallion this way, I will be more than happy to breed Jadiba to him next year.. Are you considering breeding Hart Asheera one more time, Lesley (or should I rather ask Megan?)

  10. Moniet Type and Head…super

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