Photo of the Day: Ghalion-6, 1973 asil stallion in Germany

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 26th, 2010 in Hungary

The asil stallion Ghalion-6 is by Ghalion (Morafic x Lubna) out of 25 Amurath-Sahib (Amurath Sahib x 221 Kuhaylan Zaid by Kuhaylan Zaid out of 11 Siglavy Bagdady II).

He traces to the mare 60-Adjuze, imported from the Arabian desert by Austro-Hungarian Empire official Fadlalla El Hedad. Adjuze was reportedly bred by the Sba’ah Bedouins, her sire being a Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz and her dam a “Schecha”, the transliteration of which is “Shaykhah”.

“Shaykhah” is either a mare’s name or a strain’s name, depending on the context in which it occurs. In that case, it is likely to the strain of the mare, the full strain being Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz al-Shaykhah, a lesser-known strain primarily owned by the Sba’ah and Fad’aan Bedouins.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to see this lovely photo of a Babolna asil. Thanks for posting, Edouard. Do you know if he had asil get?

  2. Tzviah,
    He has 26 get. I checked as best I could on DataSource and found a several that are asil and a couple that Edouard would need to comment about. Several are clearly not asil.

    He was bred to the SE mare Tohfa to produce the mare Tahia. She has several get by SE stallions.

    He was bred to the mare Bint Fagir to produce Dschirha; Bint Fagir is by an SE stallion , and out of *Amel (Misk x Targuia) so Tunisian and French breeding that Edouard will need to describe. There are further descent via SE horses.

    Another similar cross – bred to Ayda (another daughter of *Amel) produced Kila, who has one son.

    Bred to 95 Koheilan XI to produce Ghalion-Nefisa. Don’t know about that breeding.

    Bred to Tamira (Hamdan II x Tahia who is Ghalion-6 x Tohfa) to produce Monieta, who has produce by the SE stallion Amoun. That looks to be asil, but perhaps Edouard can confirm.

    So maybe there are some hidden gems in Hungary – and maybe Lazlo knows???


  3. Anita, that Amel (Misk x Targuia by Barr) is excellent.. Old Tunisian lines from Sidi Thabet back to Yamouna. I am so happy to see that this Yamouna line goes on in Austria…

  4. Koheilan XI has a line to 30 Maria.

  5. Yes, there may be some real gems there. I hope that Kuti and I can make a trip to Hungary together in the not too distant future during which we can meet Laszlo and perhaps see and document some of these horses.

  6. Speaking of Hungarian Asils, are there any left that don’t have lots and lots of New Eygyptian?
    Bruce Peek

  7. Wahhabit was the last asil without Egyptian blood (Siglavy Bagdady VI x Delicate Air who was a Davenport), but there a number of his sons and daughters still alive, and that means 50% Egyptian blood at the most. Some of them have even less than that, because they are out of mare with Babolna non Egyptian blood.

  8. Tzviah,you’re always welcome, but if you want to document the horses, the springtime is the best, i think.My mail-adress is I’ll wait for your letter.

    Best wishes,László

  9. Asil Stallion from Babolna is
    Farag II-3
    (Farag II x 204 Ghalion)
    Mixes Old Babolna and Ne Egyptian’s Line.

    Chestnut,i saw him last year in Marbach.

  10. Edouard,you have right.Wahhabit was the last Mohican of the old Babolna lines,without egyptian blood.
    I wanted the descendants of this this horses for many years, but without result. I was lucky, i bred some foals by Wahhabit in his final years.
    (His sire was an aged horse too, when he was born).I would like to thank saying for the last owner of Siglavy Bagdady VI., Mr. Martin Ehman in Sweden.He was bred Wahhabit out of the Davenport mare, Delicate Air (in coproduction with Craver Farms. Thank you Jeanne and Charles )… and i would like to thank saying for the last owner of the wonderful stallion ,Wahhabit,Mr.Franz
    Theiler in Austria.Franz helped me to save this line , spended many time and work for this idea.(Old Babolna lines in asil form).Without these men our community is armer with a sireline now.
    Wahhabit sired only one asil colt, but more fillies. Franz bred 2 mares from Wahhabit ( both asil Kuhaylat-al Shaykhah). One of them, S.B.Mabrouka is now staying as a broodmare at my stud in Hungary. One of my austrian friends, Karli Hemmer, as a real gentleman, gave me this chestnut mare for breeding for the next 3 or 4 years.Karli is a Shagya-breeder, but at the same time he is a fan of the old Babolna bloodlines. I hope on one day he will be an asil-breeder…I planned this mare , who has a high percentage of egyptian blood,breeding back to the desert stallions. Maybe with Mokhtar or Hussam… until the spring we have a little time to thinking about.
    We are waiting next year 2 foals .Both mare was covered by the Wahhabit-son, Dahhmany Bagdady. Both mare has 50% old Babolna blood.
    Yes, 50% old Babolna and 50% egyptian. This is the reality. We have not another chance…But… I know, there is somewhere in the Sultanat Oman a mare, she called Fatimahh,who has 50% old Babolna,25 % Davenport and (only)25 % egyptian blood. I bred this mare,and i’m very sorry, but i sold her…
    The only chance is breeding with 50 % of Babolna blood.
    But Edouard, you said, this breed is one and the same…
    I believe, the egyptian asils coming from the same source.
    I send for you a picture of my Dahhmany colt,with his dam ( Sarife B, by El Thay Mameluk and out of 205 Farag II)on the pasture. Shariff Bagdady is now 6 month old.I hope he will covering my mares of the old Babolna heritage (with 50% desert-blood……)
    Best wishes,

  11. We do want to keep track of your foals as they mature, Laszlo! This is such an important project!

  12. Dear Laszlo, I’ve found several of the shagya breeders here in the states also are very considerate and helpful.Also their stateside registrar has buckets of knowledge about the Davenport foundation horses at her fingertips. She also highly respects the Davenports as a whole too.
    Bruce Peek

  13. DearBruce,
    If i see right,there is a very interesting tendence in the growing Shagya-business in the USA.
    As how the ancient polish breeders imported desert-bred stallions for their native mares ( most of them was born -through generations- after arabian stallions ). Now the american Shagya-breeders making the same thing with the imported shagya stallions. But here the mares are WAHO -accepted pure bred arabs.Not our asils,i hope :)..
    Best wishes,

  14. Hell All,

    Ghalion 6 he is blue list or not?

  15. The Blue Catalog does not address the European foundation asil lines, so the answer would be no.

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