Photo of the Day: Hamdani colt in South Carolina

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 29th, 2010 in General

This is not so good photo of what is certainly a very nice colt. This young fellow was bred by Pam Baker of South Carolina.

He is the result of breeding the Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz stallion Salil Ibn Iliad, who traces in tail female to the mare *Nufoud of the Saudi royal stables, to the mare Atah Saqlawiyah, actually a Hamdaniyah by strain, tracing back to *Galfia of the Hamidie Society importation of the USA in 1893.

Salil Ibn Iliad, one of the few asil stallions in the USA not to carry Blunt bloodlines, is owned by Lesley Detweiler and is standing at stud at Pam Baker’s. Atah Saqlawiyah was bred by Jackson Hensley of New Mexico and carries a rare line to the precious Saqlawi al-Abd stallion Zarlan (Mistlany x Zarieha by Kahar), a product of Jane Ott’s Blue List program. This colt, which is in my eyes illustrates Combined Source – for lack of a better term – breeding at its best, is looking for a new home.

8 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Hamdani colt in South Carolina”

  1. Edouard: Do you know which horse Galfia was bred to to give the filly that was mixed up with the Urfa daughter that eventually resulted in Schilla? The reson i ask is the all breed index shows Haleb as the sire of the Urfa daughter. I was wondering if maybe Haleb is also in Atah Saqlawiyahs’pedigree as well.
    Thank you
    Bruce Peek

  2. The apparent explanation of the mixup was that the *Haleb/*Urfah daughter Saleefy was confused with Freda (both minimally marked bays) when the two mares were shipped to FE Lewis in California from Hingham in Massachusetts, about 1918 as I recall.

    Freda was all Hamidie, by *Obeyran out of Zitra (*Mannaky x *Galfia).

    The evidence is presented in Al Khamsa Arabians III, on p300. MtDNA is involved.

  3. … which means that a major line to *Haleb was lost ..

  4. If the explanation is correct, that is so. Without Saleefy, there is little of *Haleb left.

  5. In fact, the Bint Ralf Davenports are the only link left to *Haleb in the straight Davenports. (This assumes you also accept the evidence for the Petra-Halloul pedigree swap.)

  6. I do.. and did not realize that the few Bint Ralf’s were all what’s left of *Haleb in the Davenport group. I knew they were all what’s left to *Farha..

  7. Yes, *Haleb and *Farha both. Now you know why I’m insistent on spreading Bint Ralf fillies around!

  8. And one of the reasons I was so happy to get a foal from RL Zahra Assahara by Palisades CF (Bint Ralf). The filly, Aleefah AR is, I think, the only Davenport that combines the two Hadban lines in Davenport breeding (*Hadba from Zahra and *Haleb from Palisades). I did the breeding only because of conformation (I felt Palisades was the best available to improve some things in the dam). But one day Ambar and I were talking, and it dawned on us that we had the two Hadban lines now combined (I know, I know – where are the pictures? — coming soon).

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