Photo of the Day: Haziz, 2002 asil Dahman Shahwan in Canada

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 7th, 2011 in Bahrain, Saudi

Another younger asil stallion of the Dahman Shahwan strain owned by veteran breedere Lee Oellerich of Canada is Haziz (Bahri x Hulaifa), a full brother of Hulaif, pictured below.  No wonder Bedouins used the word ‘Bahr’ (sea) to refer to their horses, ever since the time of the Prophet Muhammad: the action of this horse is reminiscent of sea waves swirling towards you.

7 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Haziz, 2002 asil Dahman Shahwan in Canada”

  1. What a powerful, masculine horse. Magnificent!

  2. So Haziz is mostly Saudi in Blood? No wonder he can tuck his pelvis. Just wondering because its good that there is some deversity in the number of breeders with Saudi herds. As i understand it there are Edie Booths horses,Mr. Ollerichs herd, and the Desert stud in Illinois. The reason I ask is that a certain prolific writer is telling new would be breeders that U. S. arabs are all inbred, that there are only 13 tail female lines included in general list and asil breeding, and that the would be breeder should not proceed. Struck me as odd because there are something like 15 tail female Eygyptian mare lines.Not to mention the surviving Davenport lines of Reshan, Werdi, Urfa, Wadduda, and I think Hadba. Plus of course the old Babson mare lines. And then of course you can add in the Saudi horses. Sounds like a pretty diverse bunch if you ask me. Taking a larger view how sucessful have rotating outcrosses, say Davenport to Old Eygyptian, to New Eygyptian, to Saudi lines been?
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. Yes he is mostly Saudi. And there are as much as 42 tail females in asil breeding alone.

  4. Beautiful horse. I especially like the head……….

  5. Have to get up to B.C. to take a look at him. His general conformation appears to predispose him to cat-like quickness in movement. I bet he could cut a hole in the wind. Sad would be the cow that tried to escape back to the herd with Hulaif holding it back.
    As Joe Ferris has mentioned a couple of times the Asil- Al Khamsa movement needs to recruit breeders. This is made difficult by not having a package of advice to give on how best to proceed so that us new guys can produce 1. marketable stock, that is 2 mentally and physically sound and safe to ride for an adult. So could a body of knowledge be codified, sort of a beginners handbook on which paths work best in breeding? Sorry to change the thread but I was unsure on how to introduce the idea.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  6. Bruce, how about you take a first stab at such a handbook and then we can circulate it to relevant others from comments. That’s something you are well placed to do.

  7. Although I am the breeder, Haziz is owned by Nina Heidtke, also of BC, Canada.

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