Photo of the Day: *Houran, Kuhaylan Tamri

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 12th, 2010 in General

I love this old photo of the stallion *Houran, a Kuhaylan Tamri, imported by Homer Davenport to the USA in 1906. The horse is standing so proudly, his neck beutifully arched, and his gaze fixing a far-reaching point on the horizon. Tood bad *Houran only left one daugher in asil USA breeding (the Ma’naghiyah Sbayliyah mare Bint Nimnaarah). *Houran was sired by a Hadban Enzahi stallion of the ‘Anazah tribes, some branches of which were home to many Hadban Enzahi marabit, such as Hadban Mushaytib, the most respected.

By the way, have you seen the updated site of the Davenport Conservancy?  It has a series of seminal articles by Charles Craver, which I am never tired of re-reading.

10 Responses to “Photo of the Day: *Houran, Kuhaylan Tamri”

  1. Those articles are being uploaded thanks to the hard work of Darlene Summers. All hail!

  2. I have a beautiful yearling filly who is tail female Haidee. She is a direct decendent of Bint Nimnaarah through the tail female also. This filly is high % early American Foundation and as soon as I get her registered I will also do Her %s. This is a very nice filly and am so glad i got to preserve her old American lines. I am also proud of the fact that her tail female comes from Randolph Huntingdons imports thus she traces to the first successful breeding program for purebreds in the USA.

  3. Is she Al Khamsa Tim?

  4. No unfortunatly not, but am planning om breeding her to an asil horse someday. With the horses i have right now, my goal is to breed closer to asil with a emphases on Early American Foundatiion.I’m hoping to find a horse that fits into both categorys. This is her damns name and number if any body cares to look her up Quiet Fire OKA #320974, her sire is new Egyption mixed sources but he was what was available to pasture breed the old mare at the time. I had to put the old girl down after weaning my filly due to advanced cancer. So the old girl really did well just making to full term with foal.

  5. You know there are a lot of very nice asil fillies from this Haidee tail female out there…

  6. No was not aware of that but am very glad to hear that her line survives in asil breeding. Through Bint Nimnaarah or through other sources?

  7. Through Bint Nimnaarah, through Ydrissa to Drissula, and then on to several branches: Sirrulla (by Sirecho), and Julya and Roman Jewel (by Julyan). I have had some of these, and they are fine horses.

  8. This line is actually one of top five favorite USA asil lines, and I just wish I could own one of them right now. Terri Somers in New Jersey and Carol Stone in Ohio are preserving some of these horses, and I just wish there were more breeders doing it right now.

    If you are ready to make the jump, Tim, I can help you locate a really nice mare or two with which you can work with. These are not horses which the market values right now (which is a good thing, from my point of view) but I see a bright future for them in ten-twenty years.

  9. Very tempting Edouard lets see what the summer brings, need to rehome a couple before i bring in more. Common problem these days it seems.

  10. Tim, may I suggest you take a look at Dakhala Sabiq and RB Bellagio, already featured on this blog, as examples of this line. Very fine horses, indeed.

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