Photo of the Day: Iricho, 1959 asil Jilfan Dhawi stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 14th, 2010 in Algeria, France, Tunisia

Iricho was born in Tunisia in 1959 at the stud of French Navy Admiral –  and otherwise master Arabian horse breeder – Anatole Cordonnier, who sold him to the French government a few years later. Iricho, a Jilfan Dhawi tracing to Wadha, bred by the Fad’aan Bedouins and imported from the Arabian Desert to Algeria in 1875 by the Frnech, subsequently stood at the Haras de Pompadour for most of his breeding career. Although a horse of excellent conformation and irreproachable bloodlines, Iricho was little used by French breeders who preferred taller stallions of racing bloodlines.

He did produce three asil Arabian stallions: Zab in 1971 (out of the beautiful Izarra), Jahir in 1975 (out of Ciada), and Nichem (out of Caida). Very little asil blood if anything at all, remains from Iricho today.

Photo from the collection of Pierre-Henri Beillard of Le Sureau, France.

5 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Iricho, 1959 asil Jilfan Dhawi stallion”

  1. Magnificent stallion, I expected him to be a lovely specimen but he’s magnificent. I assume he came out of the Syria area rather than Saudi desert?

  2. IRICHO was also the father of my stallion LOVE (Albine by SUMEYR)you could see at my farm at 30 years old click hereafter I was still riding him and used as stallion at this age.

  3. Syria, Saudi, Jordan, it’s all one and the same Arabian desert. The desert has no borders…

  4. Arnault,

    Your stallion, Love, is certainly a fine looking stallion! Am sure you walk tall when leading him!

  5. Shure Jackson! Love was a very athletic and strong horse, when I bought it at 29 years old, it was very thin because it lost all his molar’s teeth and it seem’s to be tired, when a dog enter in the paddock it killed it!. Gille a friend of Louis Bauduin told me that to escape of his padock it jumped 1M50 high which I believe because I saw it in my farm jumping a river
    4 meters width to recover a mare it just jumped few minutes before.

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