Photo of the day: Jadib, 1954 asil Arabian of old Blunt bloodlines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 11th, 2011 in General

This is the well balanced and very correct stallion Saqlawi Jadran stallion Jadib (Ghadaf x Gulida by Gulastra), bred in 1954 by Ellen Doyle, with young Barbara Baird up. He carries ten close crosses to the Blunt’s Mesaoud (through his sons Seyal, Harb, Astraled, Abu Zeyd and Daoud, and his daughter Risala), and it shows.

5 Responses to “Photo of the day: Jadib, 1954 asil Arabian of old Blunt bloodlines”

  1. Wow, he sure has the coloring.. very balanced. Lovely horse

  2. Not a fan of the photo’s! The horse seems tense! I am a fan of the horse and the Doyle Horses!

    thanks for presenting and letting us listen to the thoughts.


  3. I am certainly a fan of Blunt horses but… From your comment Jackson I assume that the photos do the horse a diservice… particularly his hind limbs whick look very staight and weak in the gaskin ?

  4. Lisa,

    There is a photo of Fadl on the cover sheet of the Spring-Summer 2007 Khamsat that show similar look of the hind legs.

    My comment of tense just seems to have that look of being set up and very uncomfortable.
    His neck also looks short, plus! My guess the light is hitting the horse and creating a very odd look! Most likely with
    better photo’s the horse would have looked different.

    The Doyle horse’s in general are a good group, this, in my opinion.

    I always thought they should have been considered as Egyptian. However Judi Forbis considered otherwise.

    So, I question this photo, as to being accurate. And also the opinion given so many years back that they were not Pyramid
    Society quantified.

    Doesn’t really matter at this point!


  5. Jackson,

    Remember when we were all at Cravers and you drove your trailer down the road as fast as you could to rid it of the flys?

    Barb Baird is slightly older, but is still riding and promoting Doyle Arabians. She just returned from a 2 week adventure riding with Terry and Lyman Doyle in the high desert and mountains in Oregon.

    We had a birthday party today where our grand children got to see recent generations of Doyle Arabians strut their stuff.

    As the history of the Doyle Arabians has been re-written, Barb has never received her due. They would not exist today without her.

    Jim Brown

    I got to clean the stalls where Doyle Arabians lived.

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