Photo of the day: Javera Thadrian

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 5th, 2010 in General

In tribute to one of the best stallions in America, the stallion Joe Ferriss says  ‘comes out of a 19th century engraving’ … and the sire of my little Wadha (and grandsire of her dam Wisteria). Javera Thadrian, a 1982 asil Kuhaylan Haifi stallion. Photo taken by either Charles Craver or Anita Westfall (photographer supreme).

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  1. This horse is exhibiting true collection. The same thing you would have seen in one of Nuno Oliveras’ horses. He is the kind that you want to sit and admire.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. Javera Thadrian has an ethereal quality, with a remarkably noble and proud body language yet with a welcoming demeanor. His skin is very fine revealing all the details of veining and bone and tendon surfaces. Such things are difficult to capture in photos but are unmistakable in seeing the horse in person.

    Though the imported Egyptian stallion Farazdac was a horse of much different form and proportions, Javera Thadrian reminded me of him with respect to his ethereal quality. Farazdac was also a very alive horse but somehow inviting and accepting the touch of visitors just as with Javera Thadrian.

    In Javera Thadrian I see some reminiscent touches of others in his pedigree that I was very fond of such as Lysander, Prince Hal and Portia.

  3. It is with sadness that we note that Thadrian passed away a few weeks before Edouard’s filly was born. Apparently, he was recovering from EPM with medication, and had a stroke. We miss him. Nancy misses him terribly. He was the general, and even when ill, wanted to run every show he saw.

  4. WOW!!!
    Javera Thadrian true to the type of the classic Arabian horse, shows the toughness of the Bedouin horse as well as its gentleness. He resembles the historical pictures of Arabian horses that inspired breeders and embodied the goals they dreamed of.

  5. Edouard, now i see, why Javera Thadrian is the name of the sire of your nice filly, Wadhah.
    Elegant horse. Expressive , big eyes ( very important-i think)…

  6. I feel so very lucky to have one of his daughters.

  7. Jeanne, I am so saddened to hear about Javera Thadrian’s passing. So lucky to also have enjoyed seeing him several times. For Edouard it was even more of joy to both ride him and now to have his daughter.

  8. Edouard:

    I can’t even begin to express my gratitude over making this photo available. I have seen other pictures of this horse and have greatly admired him. Princeton Maarena came too late in my life, as I would have loved to produce a foal by him and out of her.

    Looking at Javera Thadrian’s picture, against one of your most recent posts about The Bedouin Project, really underscore the need for a more serious commitment to Combined Source breeding and the necessity to look at these horses a bit differently, if they are to survive in sound body, sound mind and sound spirit.

    Thanks and congratulations again, for the good blessing found in Wadha.


  9. I am in a motel room now on the road back home from the tribute to the horses of Saudi Arabia at Rodger Davis’s farm but checking my emails. The event went very well and some truly excellent horses were enjoyed by all. But I just wanted to comment here that Javera Thadrian was one of the chosen few that when seen in person one will never forget. Even his various photos do not capture the core spirit of this great horse which I assure you is the kind of horse written about and illustrated in the 19th century by artists. I am saddened that he is now gone but feel very fortunate to have seen him on a number of occasions. There are just certain horses in your lifetime that have an indescribable quality and a very deep soul that you never forget. Javera Thadrian to me was one of those.

  10. He was King. I miss him.

  11. Wonderful photo of a remarkable stallion. he was a product of Charles Craver’s efforts to save the orginal horses of the desert. when I see this horse am always reminded of why and where he came about. desert arabia

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