Photo of the Day: Javera ThadrianImage du jour: Javera Thadrian

By Ambar

Posted on September 24th, 2009 in General

Javera Thadrian with Edouard up

This was taken at StarWest Stables, New Berlin, Illinois USA, in 2001 during the Al Khamsa convention (I think; maybe someone else will correct me). The horse is the 1982 Kuhaylan Haifi stallion Javera Thadrian; the rider is Edouard.

4 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Javera ThadrianImage du jour: Javera Thadrian

  1. keep going Ambar, I want to see Joe F on horseback and yourself, too!

  2. Well Ben Chicao is without a doubt thee Best built Arab stallion pictured so far in this website Eduoard. When Mandarin was younger his coupling was equally smooth and strong, but right offhand i cannot think of
    anyone that was better. That Deserty type coupling and their inherent soundness were the main reasons most all European Cavalry remounts enobled their stud farms with desert bred stallions.

  3. Edouard, I remember that day! In fact, I believe I still have some video of you on Javera Thadrian. Brings back memories, I will have to sort through all the boxes accumulated from 2 moves and enjoy it all over again.


  4. Are you Jan Sorrell? How are you? Glad you have videos of that day!

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