Photo of the day: Labwah al-Shaykhah, new hope for the Shaykhan strain

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 18th, 2009 in Lebanon, USA

This little lady, Labwah al-Shaykhah (DB Krush x HS Marayah),  represents a new ray of hope for the endangered Shaykhan (a branch of Ubayyan, formed in Lebanon and named after a Ubayyah mare called al-Shaykhah) strain. Only two or three mares of breeding age are know to be alive today, in the USA, one of which is HS Marayah, Labwah’s dam, owned by Jenny Krieg of Maryland. Labwah, whose name means lionness in Arabic, has the long ears for which the Shaykhan strain was known for back in Lebanon. Photo of Labwah courtesy of Jenny.

July 20th update: By the way, Jenny and I have an article on that strain in the next Khamsat issue. You should subscribe!

Labwah al-Shaykhah, an asil Shaykhah filly in the USA

4 Responses to “Photo of the day: Labwah al-Shaykhah, new hope for the Shaykhan strain”

  1. Jenny,

    this filly is very nice.Congratulation.And the strain is also interessant.I never heard about it..
    I hope Labwah will be a good broodmare.

    best wishes from Hungary,


  2. Nice to see something posted on a hopeful note, rather than on what we have lost. Congratulations on this filly and the possibilities of saving a rare strain.

  3. Thank you, László and Tzviah! I feel very fortunate.

  4. Well noted. Will try to be more positive from now on..

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