Photo of the day: Mahboob Halab

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 14th, 2009 in Arabia, France, Syria

Mahboob Halab, an asil Shuwaymn Sabbah stallion imported from Syria to France in 2009

Before I move to discussing the two stallions just imported from Syria to France, and following the posting of Shahm’s photos a couple days ago, I want to share with you a couple pictures of the second stallion, Mahboob Halab, a 4 year old Shuwayman Sabbah from the marbat of the Jarbah leading family of the Shammar tribe.

Both photos are courtesy of Jean-Claude Rajot, who owns Mahboob. The above one was just taken in France, and the one below in Syria, about 6 months ago, before the horse’s importation.

Desert bred horses heavy on the blood of al-Aawar, the Hamdani ibn Ghurab stallion, are very slow to mature, according to Radwan Shabareq, al-Aawar’s last owner. They typically reach full maturity at 8 years old.

Mahboob Halab in Syria, at 3 years

4 Responses to “Photo of the day: Mahboob Halab

  1. uh-uhhmmm, a nice individual. Seriously hope that his farrier trims his hinds to suit this individual – allowing natural turn out which facilitates him moving through so nicely Like the depth girth and flank along with short back, tight loins, nice shoulder, arm… Is he a rotund – well built individual? He appears well “sprung”. Fairly broad across the loin.

    Lots of maturing to go through.

    Naturally, the early photo doesn’t do him justice at all, lots of mental adjustments going on whilst looking at it.

  2. Arabian horses
    Egyptian Line you will See his Beauty after two years age

    Polish Line you will See his Beauty Beginning from Birthday

    Desert bred horses you will See his Beauty Four years age and More age More Beauty

  3. You need to give such a horse five more years to mature. I have seen Aawar sons and grandsons who only reached full maturity at 8 years old.

  4. I love his ears and his expression! His forehead is particularly beautiful. Look forward to seeing more of him as he matures.

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