Photo of the Day: Murad Mandour, Shuwayman Sabbah colt in Italy

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 10th, 2009 in Algeria, Arabia, Syria, Tunisia

Blog reader Elena Latici who lives in Italy recently bought this young fellow from Louis Bauduin’s farm in France. Murad Mandour (by Shuayman El Badawi x Murad Ouffah Habib by Jahir) is a bay Shuwayman Sabbah yearling who combines modern desert-bred blood from Syria (through his paternal grand-sire Mokhtar, bred by the Shammar Bedouins) with older desert-bred blood through imports Tunisian/ Algerian bloodlines. He also carries a hint of old French blood, and has a distant line to the desert-bred import Nibeh, featured here, and whom French master-breeder Robert Mauvy really liked.


Mauvy was a big advocate of the idea of re-invigorating old European Arabian bloodlines with fresh desert-bred blood at leart every three generations, as as to sustain the physical and mental characeteristics of the Arabian horse of Arabia Deserta. Mauvy’s friends and students adhered to this theory early on, and bred some of their mares to desert-bres stallions such as Mokhtar, and now Mahboob Halab.

14 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Murad Mandour, Shuwayman Sabbah colt in Italy

  1. I lied Mauvy’s idea of re-introducing desert blood every three generations.

  2. Congratulations, Elena! I hope you will share some more pictures of your boy. I love his ears and his deserty nostrils.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I just saw this but now have not a moment to leave a message as am leaving for the barn. I will post later.
    Thank you Edouard!! I’ve just been so busy being with Mandour I haven’t had time to read about him! :))

  4. I am both honored and humbled to be 100% owned by Murad Mandour and there are many whom I must thank. I will begin with Edouard, who had both the passion and genius to begin this blog in the first place and who introduced me to electronically to Louis Bauduin. My thanks also to every single one of you who posts here who teach me. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I am in awe of the depth and breadth of knowledge here and the generosity with which it is disseminated.

    To Louis, who breeds fantastic horses and who honors me by trusting me with Mandour, I can’t say “thank you” enough.

    For me, the owner/breeder of a horse is as important as the horse itself. Thanks to Louis’ young (handsome, smart!) neighbor, Guillaume, who translated for us that day last August, Louis and I were able to comprehend that we hold similar passions and beliefs when it comes to horses. Somehow I suspect that even without a translator we would have understood each other.

    Louis’ wife, Marie, an artist equally at home designing her one-of-kind hats as she is in her enviable French kitchen–complete with Dutch door that opens out into the pasture so the horses can stick their heads in to see what’s cooking–prepared an extraordinary meal. Many bottles of wine were opened. I keep the corks on my kitchen shelf.

    I look forward to a long, close relationship with all of the Bauduins, their neighbors and their horses.

    Mandour and I get along very well together. I’m doing clicker-training with him and he is almost frighteningly smart. I’m thinking of putting his “hat” in the ring for the next election once Mr. B hits the road. I’m sure Mandour could a better job of governing and at the very least he’d be honest.

    Horses always tell you who you are from moment to moment, but I am discovering that if you want honesty without mercy, raise and educate a baby–horse or human. Now I’m doing both. I got no place to hide! 🙂

    And I love it.


    PS If it ever stops raining here, if the sun ever shines again I will take photos and send them to Edouard.

    PPS Thank you Jenny for your compliment on his ears and deserty mouth!

  5. Congratulations, Elena,
    we are waiting for the fotos!


  6. Thank you so much Laszlo. Asap. 🙂

  7. Dear Elena,

    may you tell me the complete pedigree of your stallion?

    I saw his grandfather Jahir many years ago. He is still one of my favorite arabians stallions I ever saw.

    Best regards

  8. Dear Stephan,

    How exciting that you “knew” Mandour’s grandfather. I have been trying to find a way to copy and paste his pedigree into this message space, but so far have not been successful. But I WILL find a way.

    In the meantime I have visited your website and enjoyed immensely the photos of your dogs and horses. I especially loved the photo of the puppies sleeping together.

    I’ll post Mandour’s info asap.

  9. Elena, why don’t you put it on

    Most of his ancestry is already there anyway..

  10. Oh! Duh! Didn’t know that. I will blame such stupidity on my stress level this month, which pretty much ended today because I found a new and fabulous place for Mandour where he can run around outside with other Arabian boys his own age.

    I will certainly add his info to allbreeds and thanks for the heads up Edouard.

  11. What a wonderful news for me! There is one desert bred stallion in Italy! He looks nice. I would like to see more his photos too. It must be so exiting to have such a horse! Complimenti!In qualle parte di Italia Lei vive? Sono interessata perche io stessa sono da Sicilia.

  12. Nina–Grazie mille! Io sona da Bologna.

    I’m getting my new phone next week–one I can take pictures with, so there will be photos. But he’s still shedding out and looks like a juvenile deliquent at the moment.

    It’s exciting having him and training him, but it’s rough here in Italy.

    You’re welcome to visit anytime.

  13. Thank you! I would like to visit your farm and see your offspringof desert with grate pleasure when it is possible case!
    I have one lovely mare which is thought to be strange (m. b. from Orient) but unfortunately it is impossible to restore her documents and pedigree to tell who she really is.
    If you wont mail me: ninabara(at sigh)
    Yulia Maniscalco

  14. Dear Elena,

    how grows,what makes your Mourad? Take a new picture and share with us,please.

    Best wishes,

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