Photo of the Day: Nauwas, 1967, asil ‘Ubayyah of Saudi lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 26th, 2009 in Arabia, Egypt, Saudi, USA

This is Nauwas, a chestnut mare born in 1967. Her sire is the Hamdani stallion Al-Khobar (Ibn Fadl x *Al Hamdaniah), and her dam is the desert-bred mare *Muhaira, a ‘Ubayyah from the horses of Prince Saud ibn ‘Abdallah ibn Jalawi Aal Saud.

Nauwas, an asil Ubayyah tracing to the horses of Ibn Jiluwi

Her pedigree is interesting because the sire line is Egyptian, and all the mares are desert-bred imports to the USA from Central and Eastern Arabia. Fadl sired the stallion Ibn Fadl, out of the desert-bred mare *Turfa; Ibn Fadl in turned sired Al-Khobar (photo below), out of the desert-bred mare *Al-Hamdaniah (the “bloody shouldered mare”, who was featured in one of the first entries of this blog); the beautiful Al Khobar sired Nauwas, out of the desert-bred *Muhaira. You can’t get better bloodlines than these, so noble, and so close to the source.

Al-Khobar (Ibn Fadl x Al-Hamdaniah), a Hamdani stallion tracing to the horses of Ibn Jiluwi in Saudi Arabia

I love this photo of Nauwas. It blends two of the characteristics of the true Arabian mare: the sweet, soft look of a new mother; and the strength of a war mare. This is a mare I wish I had seen, and owned.

PS: I just noticed, after publishing this post that Nauwas bears some resemblance in her body structure, her ears, and the shape of her head with the mare Qhejala, featured just below. Nice coincidence.

7 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Nauwas, 1967, asil ‘Ubayyah of Saudi lines

  1. A true creature of the desert ……… Alhamdullilah
    As I read on Al Khamsa, she has not many actually Descendants.


  2. Did Nauwas foal and raise twins, or is one of the foals not her own?

  3. one of them is not her own..

  4. I was at Searles when they sold Nauwas to the Bonds. She was the only FTMA bred by Searle. The picture posted was taken in Maine. Both foals are sired by an FTSM + Ibn Hafiza stallion Sar Casure Star. The filly on the left is out of Hisani Sameera daughter of Hisani Jzairah out of Nauwas x Jalam Al Ubayan . I bought Nauwas and her daughters Hisani Jzairah and E S Madina, shortly after moving back to Maine. Nauwas had no problem babysitting any of her grandget. Her daugther Hisani Jzairah had no problem nursing her daughters foals. Her grandaughers Hisani Sameera and Hisani Jaliza shared nursing times with their foals. Often the foals went into the wrong stall. At least twice they spent the night!

  5. You are so lucky George to have owned this mare. Truly one of the greatest American-bred asil mares. What is left from that line, and do you own any descendants now?

  6. I am so vreatful to find your site! And, more importantly, to find this particular thread. Just a few short months ago, at the age of 33, I put to sleep my best friend of nearly 28 years. His name was Hisani Bey and he was the 1978 foal of Nauwas. I got him as a child and never really knew much about his breeding. I only knew that he was amazing. We could speak to each others souls. Right up until the day I had to say good-bye . Thank you for the information and the pictures. I hope to someday be able to fill the emptiness in my heart with another magnificent soul.

  7. Hi April, you know he has close relatives with George Hooper. Wendy Clark should tell you about them. She reads this blog.

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