Photo of the Day: Noble Reine, 1916 asil mare mare bred in Pompadour, France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 15th, 2011 in France, USA

This is an old photo from the collection of French breeder Pierre-Henri Beillard. It shows the 1916 asil mare Noble Reine (by Dahman d.b. out of Nacre by Achmet out of Naeleh d.b.), a mare bred at the French government stud of Pompadour. Noble Reine is a daughter of the magnificent desert-bred stallion Dahman (by a Dahman Amer out of a Kuhaylat al-Rabdah), a former herdsire with the Shammar Bedouins, who has been often featured on this blog, including here. Noble Reine also traces to another prominent desert-bred stalli0n, the Saqlawi Jadran Edhen, bred by the Sba’ah Bedouins.

Note the resemblance with some of the early horses of Davenport bloodlines in the USA.

8 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Noble Reine, 1916 asil mare mare bred in Pompadour, France”

  1. Harara leapt immediately to mind.

  2. Ambar, we think alike! I thought twice about putting his picture for comparison purposes, but I saw too much difference in the heads. I will put it.

  3. Maybe even better, put up a picture of Satwan, Harara’s full sister…

  4. Where can I find one, Jenny?

  5. There’s one in Davenport Arabian Horses: A Collection of Articles, in The Forgotten Man, an article on Peter Bradley. Lots of other great pictures in that and the other articles…

  6. somehow there are not photos on the reocities and DAHC sites where the article appears

  7. I scanned it in from the book, but I’m having trouble uploading it without major distortion (?!) so you’ll have to wait until I figure it out, or until Jeanne has a chance to put up a better version.

  8. NOBLE REINE était une des juments préferée de R . MAUVY . Il m’a toujours dit qu’à son avis , c’était une des plus complète , sinon la plus belle ,des juments élevées par la jumenterie de POMPADOUR . Cette photo provient de ses archives . Je suis heureux de la revoir à nouveau et plus encore de savoir qu’elle n’a pas été perdue .
    A noter le cachet de race ,la puissance du squelette ainsi que des points de force et cette croupe si carrée et si horizontale , signature de la production de DAHAMAN

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