Photo of the day: Nouro (Syria)

By Joe Achcar

Posted on December 1st, 2008 in General

This is a picture of Nouro, an Arabian stallion from Syria being trained at the stables next door to where I work as a racehorse trainer. 

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  1. I am very glad that I found this blog. I breed asil arab horses too, and interest every opinion with this question. The asil „problem” is exciting only a few men in Hungary. I am looking for the friendship of the people with similar interest because of this.
    I like very much „the picture of the day”, I would like to know more about this horse. Whether asil? It will be surprise for me. If yes, I would establish the contact with the owner with pleasure then.
    Greeting for everybody from Hungary: Király, László

  2. Hi Joe, it is always fun and useful to read what you write, conceding the stallion in the picture, I think you want us to notice his color!
    If yes, please tell us his pedigree as I think he has very close blood from sire and dam ?

  3. Thank you Omar,next time you are on your way to Amman please drop by and have a look at Shaheen and Hussam.
    as for Nouro he is by Ayar X Shahrura (shahrura is Syro-Egyptian cross)there is no relations between the two parents.A Qatari sheikh offered 25000 USD for Nouro.

    hello Laszlo and welcome to Edouard’s blog ,Yes this horse is Asil and a fantastic runner 4 starts 4 wins.
    It is good to have a Hungarian friend intrested in Asil horses,we have common ties trough Mikhail el Hadad.I hope you liked the photos?
    Nouro is a Syrian desert horse ,we do own his sister from the dam side and I know all his brothers from the sire side ,no one have this white spot.
    Do you take care of the “lovas Nezmet” horse magazine? any way it looks great.
    as you may have notice a lot of bloggers wrote on Babolna and on its horses.What is the state of Asil breeding in Hungary today when the glorious days of Baolna’s Arb breeding are gone.
    I will send an e-mail to your private adress.

  4. Caution: Not all Syrian Arabian horses are asil. I am not saying this one is not. All I am saying is that not all are.

  5. Hello Joe, I like this horse, Nouro, and I am very happy that it is really asil, isn’t it? Whether has any white spot on the other side, too?
    Yes, I saw the photos of the expedition El Hadads. I know the history of this man – I have the book of his horsebuying journey. But I knew so, that his name was Fadlallah El Hedad,and he believed Mihály (Mikhael) in Hungary. I breed the asil lines, the destendants of his imported horses.
    From Bábolna: The historical buildings,the barns stay,but the care of the old (asil ) lines, so, it is another question…

  6. Hi Laszlo, can you give us the names and pedigrees of some of your horses? Thank you!

  7. Hello Edouard,
    my foundation mares are 225 Seherezade B (Ibn Galal III-220 Ibn Galal I)and 205 Farag II (Farag II – 226 Ibn Galal I). I have a stallion Dahhmany Bagdady (Wahhabit – Tisrina B), but my favorite is a foal, Amulett Sahara (Sabek Ibn Saher – Shahhra /Wahhabit’s daughter/).
    Thank you for your interest: Király, László

  8. Wow, wow, wow, YOU are the owner of Sheherezade B, which is tail female 25 Amurath-Sahib?? and also Dahman Bagdagy which has Siglavy Bagdady VI blood, and you also have Davenport blood, as well as Weil blood through Saher?? You just became my hero! can you send us pictures?

  9. Hi Edouard,
    I breed the mare family of 25 Amurath Sahib who was the descendant of 60 Adjuze (1876)-imported by Fadlallah El Hedad to Bábolna,Hungary.Dahhmany Bagdady
    is contains the blood of Siglavy Bagdady VI/Wahhabit , the father of Dahhmany was the last asil horse of the sire line of Siglavy Bagdady o.a./Dahhmany is in distanttraining in this moment.
    I will send some pictures tomorrow.Good night 🙂

  10. Wow, we have a new hero, too!

    Thank you for posting on Edouard’s blog!

  11. Oh no!!! Saher is not asil – he listed in ASIL I with * and was not cleared until yet…father and family unknown!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Birgit, and happy new year. As an Arab person, I use the Arabic language term asil (with small “a”) to mean “pure”, “authentic”, and not necessarily to mean “a horse recognized by the Asil Club” (capital “A”). Laszlo is also using it with a small “a” too.

  13. We are talking about Saher, the 1967 Marbach stallion (Ghazal x Sahmet), right? Does that mean the Asil Club doesn’t include the Soldateska horses?

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