Photo of the day: Shams al-Ghurub

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 28th, 2008 in Syria

Shams al-Ghurub is a black-bay mare from Syria, born in 1987. Her strain is Shuwayman Sabbah. She was bred by the Shaykh of the Bedouin tribe of Tai, Mohammad al-‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Nayif near al-Qamishli in North Eastern Syria, from a strain that originally belonged to the Shaykhs of Shammar, the al-Jarba. The leading families of the two tribes intermarry frequently, and it was on the occasion of the marriage of one of the Tai princesses to Nuri al-Jarba that a Shuwaymah mare was given to the Tai Shaykhs. Shams al-Ghurub is one descendent of this mare. More on this particular strain in a subsequent entry. I took this picture in 1990 in Hims, Syria.  

Shams al-Ghurub, a Shuwaymah Sabbah from the tribe of Tayy in Syria


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  1. Thanks Edouard for posting the picture Shams al-Ghurub. I am wondering if she is from the same mare line that I so much admired at Basil Jadaan’s in 1996. Basil had a lovely black Shuwaymah Sabbah mare sired by Mokhtar, who I believe he said was out of the old black Shuwaymah mare that I later saw at the Tai. At Basil’s there was also a young dark chestnut mare of this strain whose name was Fozah. Are these mares at Basil’s from the same Shuwaymah as Shams al-Ghurub?

  2. No, they’re not the same mares, but they are closely related to each other. Shams al-Ghurub is a daughter of Hakayah, the old black mare you saw with the Tai. The Mokhtar daughter at Basil’s is a drand-daughter of the old black mare, out of Shams al-Ghurub’s sister Rajiah.

  3. Hi Joe
    the black mare tou saw at Basil”s in 96 is “Al Kahira” she is the daughter of “Obeida”.
    This si a vey strong family this “Sheuyman’s” branch being in great demand.
    “Al Khaira”gave the Stallion “Sueidan” who is doing very well both in conformation and racing.her self was many times a winner in National Shows.
    “Al Kahira” brother from “Obeida” is “Al Kahlidy” one of Syria’s most famous race horse and stallion ,winning from 1600mt to 60 Km races only his sons and his full sister “I’itidal” could beat him.
    “I’tidal is the dam of my stallion “Al Bark” who for his second breeding season is already in great demand.(he sired 21 nares this season)

  4. All the Shuwayman horses Joe (Achcar) is talking about are from a different branch than Shams al-Ghurub. They are from the Sharabin tribe, and originally belonged to Mohammad al-Rahbi of Shammar. It’s not the same family as those bred by the Jarba leading family of Shammar.

  5. exact,but the mare joe Feriss was talking about is “al kahera”,it is the only black Shueyema Basil had (Al Kahera died month ago)

  6. thanks Joe (Achcar) for telling me more about that wonderful black Shuwamah Al Kahera. I have just one photo of her tethered near a large mound of barley straw, but she was a very impressive mare. All the other younger mares would come around to check in on her as if she was the reigning queen. She just radiated the most dignity. She had the most beautiful eyes and expression and also of excellent quality. I could see why she would produce horses of speed and endurance with her excellent legs and long shoulders.

  7. The above I am referring to is the old black mare with the Tai tribe, the mother of Basil’s mare.

  8. Hakaya the old mare of the Tai tribe was indeed the queen at Shaykh Mohammad’s in al-Qamishli. I will post a picture of Hakaya.

  9. I’m in Beirut for the Moslem holidays ,my Library is in my stables in Damascus ,but I remember that the Dam of “Al Kahira” Basil’s Shuewyma black mare famous in all Syria is “Obeirah” not Hakaya” maybe I’m wrong…..

  10. No you’re right.. I will edit the comment above

  11. Thanks Edward for this old photo to shams al- ghurub with my father ( Ahmad ghalion ) in my farm in Homs
    Shams al-ghurub ( hekaya+ hassonah )

  12. Menwer, I am happy to hear from you. How is your father, how is the farm? how are Taher and Zuheir? Are you in Homs still? and how are the horses? Allah ykoon bi-3awnkom

  13. Eduard, how are you and yor father
    My father died from 5 months ago ,and our farm we dont know any thing about it ,but the horses are alright in jandar please contact me if you can

  14. Dear Munwir,

    Al-Baqaa LILLAH. My condolences to you and your family. Your father was a good and respectable man. My father and I remember Abu Taher fondly, and many of the nice memories in my childhood involve him. Please send my sincere condolences to Taher and Zuhayr. I will get in touch privately.

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