Photo of the Day: Tybalt, 1962

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 24th, 2010 in Arabia, USA

This magnificent Kuhaylan al-Krush stallion (Tripoli x Asara by Kasar), bred by Charles Craver in 1962 must have been the kind of horse a tribe would plan a ghazu to take away from another tribe. I wish I was around when that stallion was alive.

5 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Tybalt, 1962

  1. Wasn’t there a picture of Charles Craver
    on Tybalt doing Piaffe? I think R J Cadranel posted it…
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. Tybalt did love to dance as did his son Asar.
    Asar also had a son named Lente. He could stand at his stall door, dancing as well.

    I had stall guards installed so the long stallion barn would show all the stallions, waiting and dancing. The day was completly filled with the joy of horses. Odd they never tried to fight, they just show an interest at the others, and what they were doing.

    Tybalt was ridden here daily, usually for an hour or so. Charles had trained him well. Richard would even come to see him work, I have had several stallions that always made me stand straight, Tybalt was one. My six year old would sometimes hold him, if I had to take a call, Tybalt would simply dance waiting. I always was happy to realize his ability to be kind.

    His son Asar was taller and even more filled with inner reaction to alive, yes, those were days filled with expection. Next to Tybalt was Rafaar, a Pritzlaff bred Stallion. Rafaar was a little like Tripoly, only, as to type.

    The farm in those days had visitors from all over the world on a daily bases. One of my favorites was Carol Lyons, her thinking was filled with enjoyment. She like the mares and stallions that were here then, she as they simply danced with the knowing, alive was special.

    The people seem to come and go, just like the horses, and for me what is truly special
    is the moments held. Tybalt will always dance within I, just as Asar, and Lente. Yet what is held even as special is remembering
    A young girl, many guest, friends, and those who followed and those before.

    Yes, Tybalt was a krush, then there was a person who took up the same torch, Kim. Now I enjoy daily what she brought into the present. Wishing only, that time stood a little more still, yet life is always a dance, Tybalt dancing, and I calling Charles
    saying thanks, I enjoying a special friend, and his Tybalt.

    Yes, even this day, Tybalt is calling me, saying am here, within, remember when.

  3. Perhaps the most moving tribute to an Arabian horse I have read in a long time..

  4. And Anita took the photo, of course!

    At horse shows, little girls (and some not so little!) would follow Tybalt everywhere. Charles always said it was the forelock!

  5. Those forelocks can be very attractive! Tybalt’s nephew Heir Apparent also had a sexy forelock…

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