Pomp Charbonneau, 2008 Hamdani Davenport stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 11th, 2016 in General


Kirby Drennan owns this beautiful in Virginia, IL. He is by Pageant CF out of Anthesis, and a half brother of Lexington CF, below.

PS: Everything out of Anthesis CF is outstanding, including Fragrance CF at Michael Bowling’s, Chancery CF with Debbie Jessen and Firebolt CF, also with Kirby.

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  1. Typo, Edouard. Kirby’s last name is Drennan.

  2. Great expression! I have admired all the photos I’ve seen of this horse & would like to see more of him.

  3. I thought Anthesis CF was tail female Urfa, and wasn’t she Saqlawi?
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Bruce, *Urfah was tail female Saqlawiah Al-‘Abd. Present day Straight Davenports, who are registered to have descended in tail-female to *Urfah, do so via the mare Schilla. The following is copied and paste from the Al KhamsaTM Arabians
    2013 Digital Roster v6.1
    Copyright 2013 Al Khamsa, Inc:
    “One result of mtDNA testing with Arabian horses is that the registered descent from the Davenport foundation mare *Urfah #40 shows two distinct haplotypes. The descendants of *Urfah’s registered daughters Sheria and Rhua are of one type and the descendants of *Urfah’s registered daughter Saleefy are of another. Most living Al Khamsa horses tracing to *Urfah in tail-female do so through Saleefy, descending from Saleefy’s daughter Schilla by Letan.
    The researchers in charge of this testing-Michael Bowling and his late wife, Ann Bowling, PhD,-are qualified geneticists, experienced scientists and also knowledgable Arabian horse breeders. The Bowlings developed a hypothesis concerning Saleefy’s difference from Sheria and Rhua.
    Saleefy’s registered female descent all trace to foals born in California after Saleefy was sold from Hingham Stock Farm in Massachusetts to F.E. Lewis as part of a large group of horses purchased from Peter Bradley in 1918. Another Lewis purchase-Freda-left female descent only in California, and this descent matches the haplotype of the other *Urfah daughters Sheria and Rhua. Freda was the result of several generations of breeding by Homer Davenport and Peter Bradley from desert-bred stock of the Hamidie importation for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Freda was by *Obeyran #2 out of Zitra #68, by *Mannaky #292 out of *Galfia #294.
    Freda and Saleefy were both mature mares at the time of the 1918 sale; both were modestly marked bays. The Bowling hypothesis is that the identities of Freda and Saleefy were switched, most likely at the time of the sale to Lewis. They formed the hypothesis by securing samples from all the *Urfah and Freda lines, and confirming the types from multiple branches in all but one case (one of the Freda daughters). They also checked that a descendant of the other minimally marked brown mare in the Lewis group from Hingham matched her *Hadba dam line. At present there is no proof of the Freda/Saleefy hypothesis, although it fits the evidence and seems likely. The Arabian Horse Association has been informed.”
    *Galfia was of the strain Hamdaniyah Simriyah.

  5. If you have more photos, please share with us


  6. Here’s a link to a photo of Pomp as a 3-yr-old on the Davenport Conservancy site: http://davenporthorses.org/photos/modern-horses/2000-s-horses/pomp-charbonneau/pomp-char-3yr.jpg.php

  7. Thank You, Jenny.


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