Porte CF, 2001 Kuhaylan Hayfi in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 9th, 2011 in General

The lovely Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion Porte CF (Portico x Recherche by Prince Hal) is now with Ambar Diaz in California, and is looking very good.  Porte CF was owned by Pamela Klein, who gave him to Ambar. He’s pictured here with Michael Bowling.

7 Responses to “Porte CF, 2001 Kuhaylan Hayfi in the USA”

  1. I like it when the river-pebbles-like grey color gives way to the freckles in grey horses as they mature..

  2. I miss that guy, but I know that Ambar is taking good care of him. He’s a special stallion, hopefully I will get to visit him someday. I’ll bring cookies.

  3. He is a sociable soul, and likes to converse with people (even if they don’t come bearing cookies 😀 )

  4. He is looking wonderful! So glad he is happy and getting to do something besides just make babies!

  5. He looks wonderful!

  6. Pamela, he claims he would be much happier just making babies, but he doesn’t get a vote. 😀

  7. Stunning!

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